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Vocabulary: Glossary

At the top of the Glossary is an index (the number in parenthesis represent the number of terms in the Glossary that begin with that letter).

Clicking a letter in the index displays summaries of the terms that start with that letter in the main content section below the index. The same terms also appear in the left sidebar.

There are three ways to get to the term you wish.

  1. In the main content section, the view is displayed as a table with 3-4 columns: Term, Description, Vocab, and sometimes Abbrev. Scroll down to find the term you wish. If the summary is not good enough click on the term to get more information.
  2. When a letter is clicked in the Index section, the view also includes the terms desired in the left sidebar. Multiple and identical terms may be displayed as separate rows from different vocabularies, or even the same vocabulary (for now).
  3. If you know the term you are looking for (or at least some of its letters), start typing into the Filter terms text box. Autocomplete will filter the terms to only those that contain the letters typed.

To reset the content area in the left sidebar below Glossary Terms, click on the Glossary Terms title (or delete the letters you typed). To reset the whole Glossary page back to default (all terms), click reset.


Glossary terms may come from multiple Taxonomy vocabularies. Currently only the following vocabularies are used: Abbreviations, Contact Subtypes, and Glossary. A term in the Abbreviation vocabulary is only included in the Glossary if it links to a term in the Glossary that is non-abbreviated.