About Us

dreaming of wealth image. Man in bed dreaming of dollar sign.

This website is the result of my never ending search for the meaning of life. The answer appeared in a dream and ironically, dreams are now my reality. With that said, these dreams are just taking shape, so welcome aboard but please try to be patient.

Be aware: Some links are broken and pages are missing throughout areas of confusion.

Your first question is likely, "What's this website about?" In a nutshell, it is about bringing dreams to reality, making money, pursuing happiness, and bringing peace to the world. If you think this a joke, I assure you it is not. On the other hand, if these statements intrigue you, you owe it to yourself to browse our Manifesto for World Peace. There you are presented with more ways than you can imagine on how your dreams can awaken a new life.

After browsing the parts that interest you, please support us by signing up as a member. Membership will always be free so you can check our stage of development often. It won't be long before we really get started.

We do not promise world peace but we promise world peace is our final goal. If you feel this promise is empty this next promise may be more to your liking. We promise to provide means to make your life better - and to make money while doing so.

Scott M. Eaton