Content types

Content begins as a certain content type, further classified into Content subtypes. (See list of Content subtypes)
Below are the Content types available at this time.

Content type Description

An Answer is a response to a Question. Answers to Questions can be rated by members.


Events are used for planned activities or meetings. Events always link to one or more days of the calendar.


Groups are used as gathering places for members with specific interests, those working on specific projects, or even individuals with special ideas or simple questions. For more information see Group.


A Page is the most basic content type, but it is NOT group content type. It is used for static content only. (E.g.: an "About Us" page.) The page content type is available only to admin.


A Poll is one or more questions, with a set of possible responses. A Poll automatically provides a running count of the number of votes received for each response.


A Post is the most widely used Content type. It starts a conversation or shares information. Posts are used for time-sensitive content like news, press releases, blogs, etc. A Post is Group Content type.


Ask a Question to receive an Answer. Answers to Questions can be rated by members.


A Wiki is best described as a communal documentary effort that evolves over time. All members inherit the permissions to add, edit, or delete Wiki content at will, while also inheriting the responsibilities that come with it. Should the need arise, Admin maintains control of multiple document versions, enabling a Wiki to revert to any number of previous states.

NOTE: Personal opinions, politics, and religion do not belong in a Wiki. These subjects are only allowed in their own group.