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+ 1. Welcome

Welcome to the UpgradeMyDream Glossary.

Use this Glossary to find terms as they are used by UpgradeMyDream.

+ 2. Brief

There are three ways to find a term:

  1. Click a letter in the index at the top of the page to filter terms in the left sidebar and the main view below the index to those that begin with that letter.

  2. Type something into the left sidebar Filter to filter terms in the sidebar to only those that contain the text you typed. This filters terms from the currently selected index (letter) or all terms if no index has been selected.

  3. Click a term in the left sidebar to display just that term in the main view. There may be duplicates...

+ 3. More

At the top of the Glossary is an index (the number in parenthesis represent the number of terms in the Glossary that begin with that letter).

Clicking a letter in the index displays summaries of the terms that start with that letter in the main content section below the index. The same terms also appear in the left sidebar.

There are three ways to get to the term you wish.

  1. In the main content section, the view is displayed as a table with 3-4 columns: Term, Description, Vocab, and sometimes Abbrev. Scroll down to find the term you wish. If the summary is not good enough click on the term to get...