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Tutorials ()

Vocabulary: Content subtype

  1. Site Help relates to help files for this website located in appropriate UpgradeMyDream subgroups. The Tutorials Group provides a host of tips you will want to be aware of. We also need members to assume one or more roles that are open.
  2. Group Help relates to all other help and it is up to each group to assemble the files needed. However, this does not mean a group must do all by themselves. While help is expected to be unique for each group, help files from other sources could suit a group's needs very well. Going one step further, some help files may be universal to many groups. In some cases, a group's help could be pieced together from multiple groups and simply shared by using the Groups audience field. As we evolve, the times when help cannot be found in any form should become fewer and fewer.
  3. Tutorial is optional: Always select either Site help or Group help. Tutorial is only added - and only if content also provides step by step instructions.