Glossary - Administrator

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Administrator ()

Abbrev: admin

Vocabulary: Glossary

The Administrator or admin, is the highest roles possible. Admin consists of a trusted and limited group of people, granted special permissions. The role of admin is highly private, highly limited, and consists of highly experienced and trusted members. No member can join admin without a personal invitation, and without having already done much for this website's development.

When admin appears slow in responding to problems, realize they are doing all they can with the limited staff on hand. The problem confronted by admin is the limited people who qualify for this role, but the solution rests in everyone's hands. The more members recruited the sooner a new recruit makes it to admin.

All things considered, admin controls everything, from the appearance of this website to what is allowed to be published. Admin also controls who gets blocked on this website so be nice to admin. They are the ones responsible for getting things done.

With that all said, to achieve the best user experience, admin is always dependent on member's feedback.

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