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A field is a pre-defined collection of data types that allows users to enter different types of information. Everything done on this website is related to fields, and all content created is nothing more than a group of fields, each one designed for a specific data type.

Some of the different data types are:

  • Text: Short text, such as a name, address, topic, etc. (limited to 255 characters).
  • Long text: Long text, such as a biography.
  • Long text and summary: Same as long text but with an additional summary text.
  • Boolean...
fld Glossary
Field (brief)

A Field is a predefined named location for storing data in a database and has very specific rules for the data that it may contain. Each field is bound to specific data stored in the database and is controlled by database software.


Filename is the name given to a file. Filename can also be understood to be the title to the file.

Flame war

Angry and abusive exchanges between users online.

Flame wars have no winners and those not involved did not sign up for it. The longer the war is fought the more is lost by both sides as both sides usually become more unreasonable. The best way around a flame war is usually to stay silent, but the right peacemaker can often end them outright. Still, if you are in one, first try to appologize - then remain silent. You might be excused if remaining silent is unconscionable, but expect your adversary to come right back at you.


When you Follow content everything that relates to it shows up on your Home page. Simply click the "Follow" button and it will will now say "Unfollow". Click it again and it turns back to "Follow".

Following a group helps you decide if you wish to participate. When you decide to participate you then join that group.

  • The Follow button is available for groups,...
Frequently Asked Questions

A frequently asked question is just that, and a document that answers many frequently asked questions is a Frequently Asked Questions document, or FAQ. At UpgradeMyDream, every Group should create an FAQ.

FAQ Glossary
Fun event

Plan a Fun event.

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