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General meeting

Plan a General meeting.

Content subtype
Graphical User Interface

The interface between the software and the user. This usually refers to the window presented to the user with boxes, buttons, and useful information, when the softweare is requesting input from the user.

GUI Glossary

A Group is two or more people sharing the same interests. To get in touch with a community join a group or a subgroup. Groups, can be local, national, or even worldwide. For more information see What is a Group?

Group administrator

Group administrator is the role given to a Group manager.

GA Glossary
Group content type

Group content can be one of several content types (e.g., Posts, Polls, Wikis, etc.). When group content is saved, it is linked to one or more groups through the Groups audience field.

Group dashboard

image of the Group Dashboard'

The Group dashboard, offers the easiest method for creating content types, and linking them to a Group. The Group dashboard replaces the User Dashboard, (found in the upper left-hand part of your screen), only if you are on a page to a Group you have joined. If you cannot find the ...

Group help
  1. Site Help relates to help files for this website located in appropriate UpgradeMyDream subgroups. The Tutorials Group provides a host of tips you will want to be aware of. We also need members to assume one or more roles that are open.
  2. Group Help relates to all other help and it is up to each group to assemble the files needed. However, this does not mean a group...
Content subtype
Group manager

A Group manager (GM) has a special role that allows them to do much more than the average group member.  First and foremost, they lead and manage each group.

Group managers are moderators, writers, and much more. To understand the role of GM, you must first understand, "What is a Group?"

Group managers have the role of Group administrator, and...

GM Glossary
Group task

Group tasks are the responsibility of the Group Manager and will include ways that improves their Group or helps attract new members. A few of the most obvious task, such as moderating, editing, and writing for the group will certainly be needed. Other tasks are going to be unique to the group and also unique to the person running it.

Groups audience

Groups audience is a fieldname we refer to often. It is the field that links content to the correct group or groups. Most content must be linked to one group, but content can just as well be linked to multiple groups.

The Groups audience field is found at the bottom of most types of content or in the center of the left sidebar.