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Help comes in the form of group content, and can be flagged as help by selecting Help as the content subtype below. Tutorial is optional; always select Help. Tutorial is added only if content also provides step by step instructions.

For more info see Help.

Content subtype

Help comes in many forms of content, linked to one or more groups by the Groups audience field. Help includes content...

Home page

The Home page is customized for each member. Home narrows your interests and links to other areas you deem important. Your Home page will be different, depending on your interests, who you are following, whether you are a Group Manager, etc.  Get to know Home. You will return to it frequently.

Additional information can be found at Your Home Page.

(If you would like to see how the Home Page looks and responds to non-members, simply logout. Once you are...

HyperText Markup Language

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the language of the internet... at least the World Wide Web (www) part of the internet. It determines the layout of a page's contents, not the contents itself.

HTML Glossary