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Plan a Party.

Content subtype

Roles and permissions allow for the different security levels we use for each user. They control each visitor’s access and keep unauthorized people away from areas where they don’t belong.

Roles handle the different security levels and each is made different because each have different permissions. Permissions can be duplicated between roles, but each role is unique in some way. (It makes no sense to create 2 roles and give them identical permissions.) Once roles are setup, people are assigned to one or more of them. Naturally roles are meant to grant extra...


A Personal page is all about you and your friends. Content posted in a Personal is limited to group content type.

Placeholder variable

Placeholder variables are used to determine the name and position of one string within another, whose type will be determined later.

An example of this is the url paths used by the Panels and Views modules (%id is a placeholder variable in "node/%id"). Paths may contain placeholder variables (%variable or !variable, in Panels and Views format) which, by themselves, have no datatype. They are not automatically bound to any data, as are fields and variables.​


Planning is the step that comes after Outline, and Polls are an effective way to determine if plans should change. Most content type has Planning as a subtype.

Content subtype

Policy IS NOT a Rule, but it is standard practice. Policy may or may not get written down.

Content subtype

Poll is one or more questions, with a set of possible responses. A Poll automatically provides a running count of the number of votes received for each response.

Public poll: These polls are used when privacy is not an issue. They can be anything generic or they can be for members wanting to drum up support for a project, an idea, or a direction to follow. Public polls are also used by members who want to contact those with similar interests; or plead their case with those who don’t agree. Public polls are not private, in any aspect.

Private Member...



Private Poll: Choices are private, but results will be included in graphs, charts, etc.

Private group: All group content is private unless specifically named public. 

Private group content

Private group

Private groups are merely Groups that have been made private. The GM controls whether a Group is Private, Public, or some Hybrid in between.


Many advanced contributions members make are called project, (Note: Comments are not projects or contributions). ResourceHighway purchases these projects, by paying for them over 10 years time. By accepting residual payments, contributors agree to transfer their project rights after 10 years to ResourceHighway.

Residuals are not paid for unused projects or those not generating revenue. Additionally, no one is paid for work not their own...