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Recurring projects

Recurring projects start everything and are core to many projects that come later. In most situations, later projects are impossible without the core that came first. Recurring projects are used over and over and are especially valuable to the teams or individuals who create them.


A Review comes from vast experience and it is written objectively. If you do not have this experience, or if you cannot be objective, you are writing an Opinion.

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Robots do as they are told, and spam robots are one of the worst. So evil infact, they must be banned from existence.


Roles and permissions allow for the different security levels we use for each user. They control each visitor’s access and keep unauthorized people away from areas where they don’t belong.

Roles handle the different security levels and each is made different because each have different permissions. Permissions can be duplicated between roles, but each role is unique in some way. (It makes no sense to create...


Rules deal with the Company, a Group, or a Department, Rules are stronger than Policy. They are written down so they can be read, debated, and finally enforced.

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