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Term Description Abbrev Vocab
Sales event

Plan a Sales event.

Content subtype

Scenario is used for describing certain situations.

Content subtype
Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization or SEO is the art of getting your website and webpages ranked at the top of web searches. If you rank in the upper end, internet searches will find you. If you rank towards the bottom - you have much more to learn.

SEO Glossary

Disruptive online messages, especially unwanted commercial ones posted on a computer network or sent as email. Spam is still sent by real people but much has been taken over by spam robots. Spam should not be tolerated by anyone as it is disruptive, unprofessional, and DANGEROUS.

People who send spam are known as spammers.


Someone or something that sends spam.


A specialist is someone very familiar with a certain subject in question. Specialists are consulted before a new item, system, department, etc., is added to our database. They will communicate with the Programming Department, while advising them on which fields need to be added. Specialists are expected to know other aspects a mere layman knows nothing about. Specialists who provide this critical information to the Programming Department ARE NOT compensated for their efforts. After all, it is in their best interest to have items they specialize in get added to the system sooner rather than later.

Specialists registered with us can...


Strategy is used if content deals with one or more strategies.

Content subtype

A subdomain is a part of a root domain. The domain of our website is Our subdomains could be named or


A group can have subgroups, and while a subgroup links to a parent group they are independent of each other. Each have their own Group manager with separate roles and permissions.

GM will manage their group, but cannot manage another Group without the proper role in that Group.


Offer Suggestions if your not sure they will work. If you know something will work then use a different subtype, instead of a Suggestion.

Content subtype