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A teaser is usually the beginning of a page, post, wiki, etc., and is usually displayed in a list with other teasers. Teasers can be trimmed to the first certain amount of characters, (e.g., 300 characters), or they can have a "teaser break" inserted in a place that makes sense. We used a "teaser break" in your first lesson.

teaser is not a summary, but serves almost the same purpose. Teasers take almost no thought to implement, but it is recommended that your content have...


A Title is required for all content type created on this website. A record cannot be saved if it does not have a title. ResourceHighway has two kinds of title types. A regular title, and the CSV Title. The CSV Title is used widely in the Listing section and how to create a CSV Title must be understood before placing your first listing.

Note: At UpgradeMyDream we look at title and filename as almost the same. The similarity...


A To-Do is something that needs to be addressed.

Content subtype

Tokens are pieces of text that follow specific formatting rules, such as [token] or @token, and may be inserted into any text fields that allow them. 

They are similar to variables but are neither built in to a computer language nor a database.

When the page is rendered, tokens are replaced by the values they represent. Tokens are not bound to any information when they are inserted, so they need contexts to be set in order to return specific data.


Topics is a word or phrase that helps describe what content is about. Each piece of content should have at least one topic, but try to limit them to no more than six.

Topics are not to be confused with the ubiquitous "Tags" found on many websites. Tags are used to tag content, even if it is not important. Tags can become so numerous, many become meaningless, and since people love to overuse them we often consider them to be nonsense.

Topics are more meaningful because they are...


A Tracking poll repeats periodically, measuring changes over time for the same group of people. If your poll only runs once, the subtype to choose is Opinion poll.

Content subtype
Training seminar

Plan a Training seminar.

Content subtype

One who posts deliberately provocative messages with the intention of causing maximum argument and disruption. Trolls use any outlet they are given, comment sections, newsgroups, message boards, you name it.

  1. Site Help relates to help files for this website located in appropriate UpgradeMyDream subgroups. The Tutorials Group provides a host of tips you will want to be aware of. We also need members to assume one or more roles that are open.
  2. Group Help relates to all other help and it is up to each group to assemble the files needed. However, this does not mean a...
Content subtype