There are many meanings for the word member. The first one is obvious. Anyone currently registered with UpgradeMyDream. (For more information see: Member Responsibility.)

The second meaning is less obvious but is just as straitforward.  Member is a person, but it is also one of the roles that person plays.

Below are some roles that revolve around members. There are also Group Members, Project Members, and Department Members. All should be self-explanatory.

  1. Non-members have access to public areas where they can follow along. They cannot participate in any way.
  2. Members have access to all that we offer and do more than just participate in Groups, Polls, Events, etc. Members play minor or major roles discussed in the Manifesto and countless other areas of this website. An attempt to describe what members do here would not do them justice.
  3. Administrator member is the role given to a Group Manager.
  4. VIP members? We just don't know where or who they will be yet.

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There are many meanings for the word member.

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