Roles and permissions allow for the different security levels we use for each user. They control each visitor’s access and keep unauthorized people away from areas where they don’t belong.

Roles handle the different security levels and each is made different because each have different permissions. Permissions can be duplicated between roles, but each role is unique in some way. (It makes no sense to create 2 roles and give them identical permissions.) Once roles are setup, people are assigned to one or more of them. Naturally roles are meant to grant extra permissions, but some roles could have an undesireable affect; by limiting permissions further.

Roles and permissions are controlled by admin or a group manager. When managed correctly, roles are a powerful tool. BEWARE: Do not grant particular roles into the wrong hands.

Examples of roles that are currently available are Admin, Group Manager, Moderator, Author, Editor, and Member. Other roles can easily be setup as needed.

Tool tip: 

Roles are given to users and each role has a different security level clearance.

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