The Tutorials Group is for using this website. It may be the first group you visit after signing up as a member.

TIP: When browsing the Internet, DO NOT left click on a hyperlink. Instead, open a new tab by clicking the hyperlink with the middle mouse button. (Alternatively, if you use a Windows operating system, you can press <Ctrl> when left clicking, or right click and select, "Open Link in New Tab"). By keeping tabs open you can return to them quickly. Don't keep too many open though. You can easily be overwhelmed.

The group content below is summarized in ways we discuss later. For now, just concentrate on navigating from the summaries titles to the full content and back again.

The current page you are on is a page of summaries only, but navigating to the full content cannot be any simpler. To reach a full content page you just click - better yet, click using your center mouse button - on the relevant title or the "Read more..." link at the bottom.

To begin our tutorial, look down at the summaries in the Tutorials Group Content and follow the instructions in Welcome New Members. If you get stuck there, or any part of this website, please, let us know in a comment.

Tutorials Content

Our first tutorial welcomes new members and starts with the basics of using this website.

NOTE: Our goal is to make most areas self-explanatory. Until that time comes, the tutorials we offer are few in number, they are basic, and a far cry from what may be coming. It is hoped they are at least enough to get started.

As is common practice, hyperlinks are underlined. We also make them stand out with bold font. However, we have three different link types, each handled differently. On site links like UpgradeMyDream look normal, but links to our Glossary have dashed underlines and offsite links show up like this example with red font and double underlines.

When you finish a tutorial, you may be presented with a Next>> link at the bottom of the page. If a Next>> link exists, click on it. If it does not, return to the Tutorials Group, scroll down to the next summary, and follow the instructions.

We have already discussed how to navigate from summary to full content and back again. Let's see what you have learned. Go to this summary's full content, verify how it is different, and see if you can get back to HERE.

Remember: Click on the Welcome New Members title or the link below to Read more...

Content below this point is only shown on the full content page.

Posted 2015-05-08 by Scott Eaton, updated 2017-01-15

UpgradeMyDream is designed around groups. These groups link to other groups or branch into subgroups. Members can create groups to form a community or create an idividual group to be used more like Facebook. Finally members can create a private group only they can access. This last group remains private, and for now..., let's just say it is a place to store content not ready for publication; or content that may never be public. There is no easy way of describing our groups. Lets just say..., "Each can be noticeably different yet wonderfully familiar."

Posted 2015-05-07 by Scott Eaton, updated 2017-01-16

There is a popular saying for websites, "Content is king." Your Home page is designed with these words in mind. When you flag content, it gets presented, not just in ways that make sense but also in ways of your choosing.

When you follow something it shows up on your Home page. To follow groups, users, topics, or any piece of content, simply click the "Follow" button and the button will change to "Unfollow". Click the button again and it turns back to "Follow".

Following a group helps to decide if you wish to participate. However, to participate in a group you must first join/subscribe to that group. You may "join/subscribe" or "follow" as many groups as you like.

To reach the "Follow group" button you need to scroll up to the top of your screen. This is where you can Follow/Unfollow. You will also need to scroll back down to this summary when you are done.

Go ahead and follow the Help and Tutorials Group by clicking the "Follow group" button. Notice how "Follow group" changes to "Unfollow group".

Finally, when you are finished, don't forget to click this summary's title (or the "Read more" link) so you don't miss anything.

Posted 2015-06-14 by Scott Eaton, updated 2017-01-09

Our previous lesson covered keeping up with content you follow. This lesson begins the instructions of creating your own.

Content you create can be one of several Group content types, so you must start with a group before you can create content. No content can be created without a group audience, but it helps to follow a group before joining. If no groups are suitable: Here are some tips for Creating a Group of your own.

In our previous lesson you were instructed to follow the "Help and Tutorials Group". To join/subscribe to a group is a similar process. However, even though the Follow and Join buttons work similarly their functions are quite different. It is important to remember: The Follow button only filters and sorts your intersts.  The Join/Subscribe button only allows you to participate.

If you are not following the Help and Tutorials Group, repeat the lesson Follow and Unfollow Buttons, or scroll to the top of your screen and click the "Follow group" button.

Next to "Follow group" there is "Subscribe to group". Click "Subscribe to group" and notice the button change to "Unsubscribe from group". If you want to leave the group, just click the button again.

If you have completed this lesson and the last one correctly, the two buttons now say "Unsubscribe from group" and "Unfollow group".

Posted 2015-05-08 by Scott Eaton, updated 2017-01-09

Clicking on Home, in the Main menu, takes you to your customized Home page. Once you join groups, or follow members and content, your Home page will appear different from the first time you saw it.

Posted 2015-04-28 by Scott Eaton, updated 2017-01-05


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