image of red and white life saver.One of our highest priorities is to provide help in all subjects, linked together by Questions and Answers, Groups, Topics, any way that makes sense. By adopting standards, that evolve over time, we will build up our help files creating new groups in the process. Questions and Answers can be used generally, but help can also appear in other content types, menus, or simply by hovering your mouse pointer over certain areas or hyperlinks.

How to find help - use the Help subtype.

Help is often described as content, linked to one or more groups by a field we use often, (the Groups audience field). Help is provided by UpgradeMyDream, group managers, or individual members. Please help contribute wherever you can.

The two words "Help" and "Tutorial" are used as content subtypes and tag help files on this website. UpgradeMyDream and our subgroups attempt to keep our files in appropriate areas, and the Tutorials Group provides a host of tips you will want to be aware of. Feel free to help us come up with better techniques or assume any of the roles that are open.

When content types are created, they can easily be spotted as help if "Help" is selected as one of the content subtypes. Those searching for help, and those wanting to provide it, can search for this subtype. You can search the entire website using the "Help" subtype, or you can narrow your search and search only in groups and subgroups where both "Help" and "Tutorial" files should exist.

When creating content using the Questions or Answers content type, the "Help" subtype is filled in automatically. When your Answer provides step by step instructions, if you want to add the "Tutorial" subtype you have to do it manually.

Groups are responsible for providing their own help, and it is up to each group to assemble the files needed. However, this does not mean a group must do it all by themselves. While help is expected to be unique for each group, help files from other sources could suit a group's needs very well. Going one step further, some help files may be universal to many groups. In some cases, a group's help could be pieced together from multiple groups and simply shared using the Groups audience field. As we evolve, the times when help cannot be found in any form should become fewer and fewer.

Site Help and Group Help Similarities.

While Site Help and Group Help are unrelated, creating and searching within them should be the same. When searching for help, first determine which group might handle the subject in question. If none exists try the Questions Group. You can also create a group of your own and ask your own question, but please: If you discover the answer later, answer your own question before someone else has to.

How we can help you.

  • Be sure to read the parts of UpgradeMyDream Manifesto that relate to you.
  • The Tutorials Group can be your next step.
  • Join a group or learn about creating a group. Groups can be used to educate yourself, form ideas, build contacts, create databases, and much more. They allow you to join or begin group projects, discuss your plans, incorporate those plans with others, and finalize the best roads to take in the end.
  • You might also be interested in When Can I Start? and How Can I Start?

How you can help us

  • Give a lot of thought to Recruiting members.
  • Please tell us what you want and what we can do better.
  • Make your Comments helpful and often.
  • When creating a group: Be both adult and responsible.
  • Group managers: Help out your GM or become one yourself.
  • We have multiple Wikis: Please add to those started or start one of your own.
  • To discuss our member's futures, and what we need to get there, please join one of the UpgradeMyDream groups.

It should be noted, if you cannot find the right group to link to, content can still be created in your free private group. It can remain there, forever private, or published in the future using the Groups audience field.


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