Manifesto for World Peace

Scott M. Eaton

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Most visitors to a website have one thing in common. They want to know quickly if that website has value. Since it is unwise to test human nature, the next paragraph required must answer that question.

UpgradeMyDream is for professionals, nonprofessionals, and those seeking a new purpose in life. If you lack a career, or want something better, we could be what you need to become the best in the business. Do you feel underpaid? Join us it's free. Use your talents that lie dormant and grab a piece of the action.

The above statement is one way of describing this website. It addresses human demands quickly and simply. However, before proceeding further, I ask your indulgence in what now must be said. This website cannot be described quickly and simply. Not in one paragraph, and not in a dozen. All things considered, explaining the meaning of life would be a lot simpler. In that vein, if you dream of a life changing experience, grab a sandwich, get comfortable, and ready or not, let's introduce your new life with the following analogy.

UpgradeMyDream is a collection of dreams and its core is a nexus. We present multiple facets, and ways of working together, where dreams are exploited and turned into reality. Each dream begins as a diamond in the rough and diamonds need to be polished. By offering each facet freely, before, during, and after each stage of polishing, we can create a jewel reflecting the dreams of all of us. Our ultimate dream awakens a world that embraces the next statement as a paragon; instead of dismissing it as quixotic.

UpgradeMyDream will bring dreams to reality and achieve world peace in the process.

The above statement will elicit raised eyebrows and laughter. This kind of talk also alienates people. That will be their loss because the weight of this statement, and why it is elevated above all else, will soon be made self-evident.

While everyone talks of world peace, creating the world most of us dream about has been an abject failure. More to the point: The dangers we face grow daily and we do ourselves no favors. In our ignorance we cheapen lives, insulting whistle-blowers, peacemakers, movers and shakers, with epithets like dreamers, fools, or worse. In spite of these insults one thing is certain. Dreamers and fools change the world. It's just a matter of when, where, and by how much.

UpgradeMyDream embraces these outcasts and anyone else who believes in humanity. We offer support, the respect you deserve, and the means of finding kindred spirits to help your dreams come true. We employ every facet imaginable. Groups, communities, departments, you name it. All are designed to help in our efforts. If this sounds surreal, it gets even better. By building other people's dreams you help build your own.

Where do we start?

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We start by giving members ways to change their lives, their friend's lives, and humanity in general. In our early stages of development, the options we offer may seem limited, however, like many start-ups, getting involved early can lead to the greatest rewards.

Regardless of where we are in development our dream is to help people make money and to better mankind. This demands core commitments we must set for ourselves. If you agree to these commitments and join our website, consciously or not, when helping yourself you help everyone else.

Do you want to make a difference? You now have that chance.

Make no mistake. You are not just joining a website - you are joining a movement! From this day forward, surround yourself with those who believe in the Laws of Civilized Behavior, dare to dream of creating a better future for mankind, and recruit family and friends to join in.

After reading this manifesto, if you dream as we do, you will easily believe that your efforts were worth it. You will also believe this website will be much more than you could ever imagine. Finally, you might even believe the unbelievable; UpgradeMyDream, in its infancy, is poised to unlock the most important concept for world peace.

To start changing the world start by building a dream.

To learn about dreams: Click the link at the bottom of each page after Next>>. Alternatively, you can click the links in the Table of Contents found in the left sidebar.

Now, hold on for the ride of a lifetime and click "Our Dreams" below to get started.

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