A Little Piece of the Action - a Little More Peace on Earth

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For better or for worse the world revolves around money. At its most divisive, it perpetuates a "them vs. us" mentality, splitting societies into groups of haves and have nots. When this occurs, money is truly the root of all evil. On the other hand, history reveals money as a unifying force. In times when everyone prospered, people set aside differences and peace reigned supreme.

When learning from history one lesson looms large. In one-hundred years, or a thousand, self-centered forces destroy all we hold dear. No nation in history escapes this somber fact, and when it happens most of those left standing witness a ruined world and no hope. Nations experiencing these ends of days often vanish from history, but those that survive can also suffer for centuries.

How many history lessons does humanity need to wake up? When will the attitude, "It's not my problem," lead to your neighborhood's downfall, or your country's, or the world? In these dangerous times, our fight for survival demands higher understanding and involvement by all of us. We can no longer afford to leave some things to chance.

Make no mistake. People belonging to the human race who are excluded from society have no incentive to belong to either. On the bright side give people hope, and a reason to fit in, and everything becomes possible.

Taking these lessons to heart, and using "Peace on Earth" as a carrot, I hope to establish a universal concept. That concept is to raise the awareness of the positive effects of making sure we all prosper. Not just your group and not just your country. I mean EVERYBODY!

UpgradeMyDream is a catalyst to this way of thinking, and the opportunities we offer are magnified with more people involved and more people profiting. Eventually, we could have thousands of ways to change the world, and millions of members being the catalyst.

Could anything be more rewarding?
Cash dividends shared by our members;
Peace dividends shared by the world.

With these thoughts in mind, our goal is to gather people from different backgrounds and cultures. These pioneers will be in a unique and historic position. The opportunity to create something that is greater than all of us. Our creation will be improved constantly with techniques, contacts, and the tools that are needed. Everything will be used together, or separately, for an idea, an opportunity, a business, a group, even entire communities members can dream up.

In conclusion

As mentioned previously, we plan to design a massive customized database for those who buy and sell anything. Later, our efforts will morph into a worldwide networking platform, where the pursuits of happiness and wealth are simplified with tools and techniques we provide freely. Everything will be used to link people, merchandise, ideas, help, expertise, and anything else we can think of, and much will be possible with just a few clicks of a button.

By following prearranged steps, and the tools I just mentioned, members are not just limited to selling merchandise, services, time, or what have you. Where this system really shines is in the areas where members share commissions, profits, inventories, techniques, and much more.

The concept we use to make all of this possible -
Everyone deserves a little piece of the action.

Congratulations! You have finished the prologue to our manifesto. For those wanting to explore further, the Company Structure discusses the details. Please help us get better by commenting freely.