Company Departments

Departments have one or more leaders. image of group behind unisex character.

Departments are created and managed by members and some have already been discussed in great detail. While it may seem most departments are covered, the ones listed below are just the tip of the iceberg. When push comes to shove, who knows what members will dream up, and in what order. If you have a dream, and a drive to succeed, our dream is to help bring your dream to reality.

Nothing in life really worth it comes easy. To bring dreams to light you first need a plan. Then you sacrifice long hours to work out the details. Finally, once all this is done, proceed to Step 2: Convincing those who might help, that you have what it takes.

Diversity is a powerful gift to humanity. When confronting the same puzzle, it promises multiple outcomes. In the short run, we focus where we are strongest. In the long run, everything has its own place and time. Meanwhile, our paths lead to the known and unknown, and that is what makes this so exciting.

  1. Accounting Department: Accountants and web developers work closely together. Just like in website development, accountants have a chance of recurring projects.
  2. Advertising Department: People in advertising are paid for ads they sell, ads they design, and ad campaigns they produce. They are paid for business they bring in and members they recruit.
  3. Artist and Photography Department: Artists and photographers work with authors, writers, anyone we can imagine. Everyone can enhance each other's works in new ways now possible (See also: Authors and Writing Department.).
  4. Authors and Writing Department: There is a familiar saying for websites, "Content is king." Members provide content and earn rewards when they do so. Content can be single pages, sections, books, and can include expert advice, breaking news, short stories, teaching aids, reviews, photo albums, cartoons, anything imaginable.

    Of course not all content will be popular or produce revenue, but those that do generate profits for years. As mentioned repeatedly: All revenue received is shared with the authors who write them, reviewers who check them, web developers doing their magic, and all others involved.

    In the past, many authors and writers worked by themselves on their own projects. Now they can collaborate easily with artists, photographers, web developers, you name it, enhancing everyone's efforts in ways not imagined.

  5. Banking and Finance Department: This department arranges financing for departments, members, groups, communities, and more. See: Banking and Financing.
  6. Bonding Department: Companies we recommend need to be bonded. The Bonding Department handles these situations.
  7. Employment Department: Members share help in all ways imaginable. The Employment Department is the place to find full and part time expertise, data entry, office help, manual labor, you name it. If you think you have nothing to offer visit the Employment Department. It might have opportunities you would not be aware of.
  8. Insurance Department: If large enough we can provide health insurance at lower costs. We can also offer insurance as an incentive to members.
  9. Investing Department: This department handles investments for the Company, members, groups, and more. See: Investing, Exchanges, Futures, and Wall Street.
  10. Language Department: We need translators and specialists to go international. Residuals come from pages translated, revenue from your area, or whatever is decided.
  11. Legal Department: Those in the legal profession are offered a piece of the action, commissions, access to members, or other incentives. They will create and proof read contracts for every conceivable transaction. Many of these contracts already exist, but everything needs to be standardized, unambiguous, in all languages, and finally, accessible with just the click of a button.
  12. Money Exchange and Futures Department: If we deal with Euros, dollars, yuans, etc., someone is needed for currency exchanges. We also plan on barter: Commodities, hours of time, knowledge, anything of value. This presents opportunities that overwhelm me each time I think of them. Don't miss the excitement. See: Investing, Exchanges, Futures, and Wall Street.
  13. News Department: News is news, any way you look at it. We can't all be comedians but we all can provide news.
  14. Partnership and Training Department: Trainers and partners make a percentage from those they are training. However, not all want a partner or trainer, and not all are capable of providing this service. This department puts people together, offers suggestions, provides templates on getting started, and more.
  15. Research Department: A research department is needed, but for now we do our own research.
  16. Recruiting Department: Due to the huge incentives everyone has to recruit members, this department may not be needed. (See: Recruiting Members). On the other hand, there is a lot of potential for specialized departments, and no one will stop one that helps all of us.
  17. Sales and Purchasing Department: (See also, Commissions). We all have a vested interest in the listing service because it ties everything together. Whether you use this service as designed, or want to help make things better, feedback is critical on our road to perfection. It cannot be overemphasized or stated too often. "We all depend on each other."

    The Sales and Purchasing Department offers multiple opportunities from multiple sources when earning commissions. A few possibilities are listed below.

    1. Members sell Company products made available. As mentioned in Buying and Selling: Access to so many listings places us in a unique position to purchase opportunities too good to pass up. The Sales Department handles these windfalls and more.
    2. Members can offer commissions to those who bring them a buyer or seller. It goes without saying: The more people selling an item, the more likely that item gets sold. We all know, or should know, any profit is better than none.
    3. Members serve as brokers for the Company and other members. Merchandise can be bought and sold through internal or outside sources.
    4. Members may be rewarded when returning merchandise. Like most everything on this website, this is a totally new concept. See: Warranty Department.
  18. SEO Department: This department is paid for revenue resulting from Internet searches, links to other websites, and other techniques bringing us business.
  19. Specialists: *This department is different from all others*: Before our database can support a new department, idea, item, etc., someone familiar with that subject must be consulted. The Web Development Department seeks advice on the fields that are needed and anything else that comes up.

    Specialists providing this information ARE NOT compensated for their efforts, and the reason is obvious. By providing this information work begins sooner in areas where your strengths rise to the forefront. Without this information these areas languish in the "To Do List" so it is to everyone's benefit to register as a specialist. This way our web developers can reach you today, next month, or as soon as they are ready to start on the area that will serve you the most.

    To register as a specialist: Go to your user settings by clicking on your "login name" at the top of any page, (or copy and paste, "" into the address bar and press enter). Click the "Edit" tab and you will find the "Specialties" field in the "History" section. Add or edit your specialties, separating each with a comma (",").

    Note: Registered specialists may be hired for other purposes and in these cases they are compensated.

  20. Warranty Department: We will offer warranties and no-hassle purchase programs. Whether this service is free, or offered as an extra, it entices more people to deal with our members. Return policies are standardized so everyone knows what to expect regardless of where, when, or what item was purchased. If an item is not acceptable, we give members two options. Return it for a refund or help sell it to the next buyer and get paid for your efforts.

    Our option of helping to resell items, instead of returning them, has obvious benefits. The most obvious are savings in shipping and restocking fees. What is not so obvious is how this can increase sales. Buyers may take chances they would not take otherwise. You can now order something to try it out or look it over. If not quite to your liking it is not a big problem. If you decide to keep it - even better.

  21. Web Development Department: Let there be no doubt. The Web Development Department is the most critical of all. Due to its extreme importance, it should also be the most lucrative. By offering web developers what they get nowhere else, we provide the motivation and experience to become the best in the business. See: Website Development.

Basic department operations

When it comes to department operations and standards, a few worth mentioning are listed below:

  1. A department's main purpose is generating revenue for itself. How they do this is mostly up to them.
  2. Departments have at least one manager responsible for its success. On top of their normal earnings, managers receive a percentage from profits produced within their department.
  3. Departments police themselves and members are responsible for reporting suspicious behavior. Whistle blowers are heroes and will be rewarded. Rewards may come from revenue we deem as "rescued" within the departments affected.
  4. Departments are responsible for How Revenue is Shared.

Departments can be small or grow exponentially. They can consist of one person, solely responsible for their own success, or they can be multiple people, running multiple projects, sharing greater risks and greater rewards.

Departments may also include two or more departments working together. They may merge completely with others, or split up and go separate ways. In the end, departments need innovation and dedication or they become obsolete. Once obsolete, abandonment soon follows.

Departments Promote Their Own Leaders.

monopoly man tipping hat image

Each department promotes at least one member to management to take responsibility for day to day operations. Unless the Board of Directors objects promotions are supported.

Apart from their own duties and projects, a manager's job is to motivate, coordinate, and maintain a productive atmosphere within their department. They hire those with usable assets, fire those without, all the while facing internal conflicts and deadlines.

Needless to say, it is in a manager's best interest to earn the support of those under them. Losing support places them in danger of losing their position in management. If this happens, even though they lose the rewards earned while leader, no one loses the rewards for work they are credited for.

Let's be perfectly honest. Not all people are cut out to be managers. Not all are willing to accept the work load and responsibilities. In some cases strong personalities will compete to take over but departments must still choose the right candidate. With what is at stake consider these outcomes: Choose the wrong person your department will suffer. Choose the right person we could all soar to new heights.

Departments Pay Their Own Members.

All contributions, no matter how small, earn compensation if used and revenue collected. Rules will explain precisely what we can expect for our efforts, but for now, everything is determined by the number of Tiers within a department (See: Tiered Pay Structure). However, when rules do not apply, departments decide for themselves how revenue is shared.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of managers proven to be the most valuable. As new and emerging departments become invaluable in their own right, their managers are invited to join the Board of Directors. Those on the Board are not paid for their efforts. They simply represent the interests of the department they represent.