Company Structure

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The Company Structure is long, and it's going to get longer. You are not expected to read everything as you are not going to be tested. Of course you can return to sections you miss later, but for now just concentrate on areas that interest you.

It bears repeating. Our road to happiness, wealth, and world peace cannot be detailed in just a few pages. If it were that easy it would be common knowledge.

A note before proceeding: When considering this website's future, there is one area we count on. When it comes to buying and selling merchandise, we will have no equal. This area alone will be enough for most members, but that is not an excuse to ignore the rest that we offer.

Website Visitors

The three types of visitors are listed below.

  1. General Public: The general public will have limited access to certain listings, ways of making money, reviews, and areas members choose to make public. In time, more and more items, opportunities, techniques, and tips will become available but non-members still miss out, as they may not comment, reap benefits, or participate in any way.

  2. Members: Membership is free and so are listings on this website. Charging for either service is counterproductive if we want everything listed. By employing the most friendly search engine available, anyone who joins will want a piece of our action. This approach guarantees the most listings, but what is equally important is how these lists are presented. Our advanced filters weed out duplicates, ancient history, people we won't deal with, and much more. It may be hard to believe, but the beauty of finding exactly what you want, quickly and easily, cannot be truly appreciated until it has been experienced.

    Members gain access to tools we provide freely. These tools help buy and sell items and will be constantly updated with the goal of multiple tasks becoming effortless if not fully automatic. Members also share inventories, profits, help, expertise, billing, and more. How members use the tools we provide is going to be different for everyone. How members work with each other, or how they work within the various departments and communities we build together, will be different as well.

  3. Contributors: Contributors can grow their earnings exponentially. Our bottom line: Help generate cash flow and you share in revenues and profits. Simply choose a Group or Department, that compliments your interests, or start one of your own and take it to the next level.

    Note: UpgradeMyDream pledges to make sure contributions are worth making because without contributions no one can prosper as planned. For now, until we are all in agreement, let's just say, "Those who contribute, no matter how small, can earn rewards today and far into the future." (See: Contributing Members).

Before we open for business we must be in agreement. I expect special attention to be paid to How Revenue is Shared and am hoping for much discussion in that area. Understand the figures provided are nowhere close to complete while I can only imagine what others are thinking. This critical area is unfinished, unworkable, and far from satisfactory in its current form. Be that as it may, I will need some feedback before proceeding further.

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The statements below are written in stone.

  1. You get ONE lifetime membership.
  2. Membership is a privilege, not a right.
  3. No anonymous members allowed.
  4. Membership is free.
  5. Listings are free.
  6. Members control their privacy settings.
  7. Members can earn a piece of the action.
  8. Contributing members are compensated if their work generates revenue.
  9. Members agree to our Bylaws and the Laws of Civilized Behavior.
  10. Break the rules and lose your membership; one year, five years - maybe life.

Help improve our Company Structure: Please leave comments in the areas provided. Please also excuse the countless broken links, incomplete areas, and places that flat out don't work. I need people to help in multiple areas, especially those familiar with Drupal.