How Company Makes Money

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The Company makes money when our members make money. However, before we can make money, part of our database must be completed. For more on our database see Company Database. Website developers should also see Website Development.

Our initial focus is on database improvements and attracting new members. If listings are free, and data entry is easy, growth will proceed in any number of ways.


Most websites make money from advertising and do so inefficiently. While ads can be offensive, for a number of reasons, we have what we believe is the perfect solution. Our members have ways of tailoring ads to their liking, and being a listing company part of our strategy naturally revolves around the following questions.

  1. How effective can ads be when they are relevant and welcome?
  2. If ads are relevant and welcome, how many can be displayed before they become inappropriate?
  3. Since many of our sections are based exclusively on ads, how do we make these sections invaluable?

A lot of revenue hangs on the balance due to these types of questions, but our early development will focus on growth. Advertising revenue can occur whenever we want it because compared to what else we have planned it is just the tip of the iceberg.

While advertising has great potential for revenue, it must always be seen as a double edged sword. Websites overrun by ads lose tremendous amounts of good will from their users. Sites whose revenue comes solely from advertising face a real balancing act.

UpgradeMyDream does not have this problem. We have an unimaginable number of ways to generate revenue, and more ways being discovered. With that said, advertising will always be an important part of our service because we transform ads from a negative experience to a positive one. We can ratchet up ads as needed, or dial them down if called for.

Enhanced Listings and Banner Ads:

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While listings are free, UpgradeMyDream does charge fees to have listings enhanced, i.e., running those in ways that make them stand out. Bold font, large font, banner ads - all can be of enormous value.

Company Ads:

Companies can freely list their services, merchandise, sales, etc. They can also purchase regular ads, block ads, or half-page ads. Full-page ads, with the ubiquitous, "Skip Ad" button, might appear on non-member pages.

Google Ads:

Many sites use Google Ads as their main source of revenue. However, if all goes as planned, Google ads will serve set purposes if they get used at all. The reasoning for this statement: Long before this website runs at full capacity we should have more ads than we can handle. These ads will be in house, and they will come from our members, our advertising department, and a host of other sources.

During our early stage of development Google type ads could prove effective. Once this stage is over the future decides.


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The larger the database, the greater the opportunities to generate commissions and profits. Consequently, to fully support all aspects of our services, we will create departments to help in these efforts. Our Sales and Employment Department will work with members willing to share in each other's workloads. Our other departments, Banking, Real Estate, Legal, etc., need help in their areas as well.

Sales personnel

Everyone can be involved with sales. Whether people list their own items, or somebody else's, filling orders between members is one way to make money. Earnings may come from standard commissions, but they also come from referrals, shared inventories, shared labor, and countless other opportunities available only to members.

Buying and Selling

Access to so many listings places members in prime position to discover opportunities too good to pass up. This transforms purchasing, locating, or the promotion of merchandise, into a most valuable option. Items can be purchased by our experts, directly or indirectly, using member, company, or bank financing, and then sold within any number of departments.

Experts and Employment Department

UpgradeMyDream shares commissions and fees with our panel of experts. This department will likely evolve into an employment agency of some kind. Could anything be more appropriate? Members finding each other help, employment, merchandise, and what have you.

Banking and Financing

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Banking experts are needed, as is knowledge of finance. Our Banking Department will setup accounts so members can make loans to the Company, members, groups, even the general public.

Banking Accounts

Checkings, savings, and bonded accounts will facilitate transactions and allow for even more services.

Borrowing and Cash

Borrowing cash from outsiders could be one option. As we increase operations, purchasing assets in real estate, business, and high dollar items are real possibilities. However, at this stage of development, cash is not what we dream of. In the long run, members who work and dream with us, and those who help improve opportunities for everyone; these are the assets we need more than cash.

Extra revenue can come from borrowing money when we need it, and loaning money where we can. Shared profits will be paid to members willing to loan or trade capital. By simplifying the transfer of money, tangibles, or loans between members, outside banks will be called on when there is no other option.

Owner Financing

If an owner wishes to finance, UpgradeMyDream could guarantee that financing goes smoothly. We would do all legal work, credit checks, and deal with all payments. We could even safeguard transactions, offering to be responsible if a seller misrepresents an item, or if a buyer defaults, dies, or becomes incapacitated.

Investing, Exchanges, Futures, and Wall Street

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For many, their first reaction to the above title will be, "Boring!" For those who like a surprise - This gets real interesting.

First of all, we will never go public and give our profits to Wall Street. With that said, Wall Street and neighborhood banks both have their uses. We will use them only until we create the departments to replace them.

Be advised: When companies go public, unbelievable profits can be made by those who got involved early. Joining UpgradeMyDream, at an early stage, could prove to be similar.

Company bonds

Let's start with an obvious way of investing. Company bonds help companies expand while offering investment potential. Members could trade our bonds on the open market, but a more powerful approach is a separate and entirely new market between members.

Exchange Market

This is where it gets really exciting. If we deal in Euros, dollars, yuans, etc., one of our challenges will be currency exchanges. Currency values will likely follow the FX market, so ideally, we want an exchange giving everything we deal with a proper value in time. This would allow trade to proceed on a pace I can't even fathom. We will not just deal in currency and commodities, we will deal in hours of time, expertise, information, you name it. Going one final step, if all barter is considered, bartering with cash may be your worst option.

Futures Market

Imagine: We deal with all forms of barter. This opens a world of opportunities never before possible. Each member is their own money broker or lender. Each farmer can trade, or sell outright, their own or each other's commodities. We are not trading in paper; we are trading everything for everything. The possibilities are staggering, and the best part: The dollar does not rule here. Corporations do not rule here. Nations do not rule here.

Suffice to say, anyone in the futures, commodities, or FX market could find opportunities never before dreamed of. Who is to say? Futures, commodities, values of time; where will this lead? Wall Street and Main Street, you are on notice. Straighten up or watch out!

It should come as no surprise. The more people profit the more insistent they become on new ways of playing around with their newly found riches. Along with obvious paths they can follow, a few less obvious ones are listed below.

  1. Members may offer to sell or trade future residual payments, due to an emergency, a desire for quick profit, or sheer speculation. Just as the prices of stocks and bonds go up and down, the price of residuals are likely to do the same.
  2. Members may invest in listed items they know are increasing in value.
  3. Members may form a group. As a group they could purchase something none could afford on their own. This purchase could be sold for a profit, used on a timeshare basis, or a number of other uses between investors or members.

Data and Data Entry

Selling data is an under-tapped market with unlimited potential. This data can be in the form of searchable readouts, pie charts, graphs, Internet trends, reviews, etc. Obviously, for this idea to go anywhere, we need to build a database and the data to draw from. However, long before this data mining is sold, charts and trends that we do have will be available freely to members.

Data entry is a huge expense for most companies and the need to constantly train employees, due to high turnover, is a large part of it. In our case, most data entry will be done by members taking advantage of our services. This changes data entry from being a drain on our resources, to something we get for little to no cost. It also increases the possibility we will have a constant stream of members very competent at this task. Some may want to be hired out, full or part time, for this particular reason.

Paid Sections

Some sections of this website could be reserved for paying members only. UpgradeMyDream may or may not create some of these sections, but when it comes to our members, their approach will be...

Shhh! don't spoil the party - it's going to be a surprise.