How Members Make Money

image of Zig Ziglar quote. You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

If you are looking for quick answers, you must wait for the proper place and time. Many answers have already revealed themselves, but when it comes to discussing the cost of our services, now is the time to tackle this subject.

We do not ask for money and you don't have to do anything. However, doing nothing means you won't benefit to your fullest potential. Minimum requirements: Internet access, following rules, and a willingness to exploit one or more of your options. While hard work is a virtue, it is not a requirement.

You are bound to have questions. How do I begin my listings, departments, social groups, and, projects, and how do I set myself apart from the rest? More importantly, while my dreams may help the lives of family and friends, how do they grow to help the rest of the world?

Patience young Jeti - Your questions have answers.

The paths we all follow are many and no two can be alike. While each person brings different instincts and perspectives, in the grand scheme of things we are all on our own. Our roads can be full of danger, and without proper guidance missing the signs all too common. This website hopes to change all that with incentives to work with, inform, and lookout for each other. Our goal is nothing less than to end everyone's solitude and be the best source of insights and opportunities for reaching even the wildest of dreams.

The Adventure Begins

Members earn rewards in ways they feel comfortable. One approach is to help yourself and humanity at a local level, simply by using our help in going about your own business. Since all activity helps grow our database your activity reaches out further than you think. Of course we will never demand you share information, advice, profits, opportunities, helping to sell items, goodwill, whatever, but when building your legacy imagine. What if your efforts are key - to EVERYTHING?

Members work by themselves or with one another using established techniques or newer ones being discovered. Members may also work in one or more of our many departments, but whatever the choice one self-fulfilling rule should be followed. Continue to improve upon what others built for you.

The choices members have at their disposal are noted throughout the Company Structure. Additionally, there are countless ways of duplicating, or improving upon, everything you read here. Time restraints only allow preliminary thoughts on each subject, but hopefully others will take up the torch, finding fault where it's needed and improving the rest.

It cannot be overemphasized or stated too often,
"We all depend on each other."

List Items for Sale or Purchase

The easiest way to make money is simply listing items you have for sale. Listing items you wish to purchase can be your next step. For many members, these two choices alone will be all they require. That being said, there is no excuse not to be familiar with the other opportunities we offer.

Help UpgradeMyDream

image of cash cow standing on highway of money

When some people build something special, some people will want it. It stands to reason: If everyone builds something special everyone wants it.

While much of our potential is perfectly obvious, much more remains that is shrouded in mystery. The future, while cloudy, promises one outcome for certain. With the proper incentives, directions, and tools for the job, dreamers, and those on a mission, have accomplished great deeds. All deeds are proportional to everyone's efforts, while in our case, whatever the proportion we still get a return, and that I will venture could be almost magical.

Recruit Someone

Recruiting new members is one of our most lucrative and important offers. So much in fact, that it gets its own section. Be sure to read, Recruiting Members.

Web Designers Needed

If you are a web designer great opportunities await you. See: Website Development

Standard Members

Members receive full price for their efforts when selling items they list and sell on their own. UpgradeMyDream receives nothing from standard transactions or listings. However, members have an agreement with their recruiter that must be honored. See: Agreement Between Recruit and Recruiter.

While standard listings are free, there are additional choices available. Enhanced Listings and Banner Ads have already been mentioned. Other benefits include members serving as investors, representatives, buyers, suppliers, experts, even office and delivery help. Of course when fellow members are involved in your profits, paying them a little piece of the action is expected.

Members get free access to tools and techniques allowing them to share inventories, profits, expertise, billing, workloads, work force, and more. How members use what we provide determines their opportunities, contacts, and access to capital. As previously mentioned, different approaches allow you to focus on yourself, your family, friends, while still helping the rest of us.

Department Members

UpgradeMyDream will create departments that hire members to make money the old-fashioned way. They will work hard for it. Depending on the department, great experience may be needed or none at all. For our preliminary list, see: Company Departments.

Many departments will offer salaried or commission based positions. They will hire outright and be responsible for generating revenue within their department. For all intents and purposes, they will appear to be what is normal in the industry. Whether what is normal changes will be up to visionaries inside and outside the department.

Contributing Members

Cure your hatred of rich people.
Accumulate wealth of your own.

Our greatest opportunities go to contributing members. Contributors are our most valuable assets because without them our goals are not feasible. They must be rewarded as they are the glue that holds everything and everyone together.

Let there be no doubt. Contributors who help UpgradeMyDream are entitled to share in revenues and profits. It is with great respect, and appreciation for their work, that we pledge to compensate past, current, and future contributors fairly.

Those who contribute can earn residual payments far into the future. The amount is discussed in How Revenue is Shared, but basically, it is determined by the revenue a contributor generates. Contributors may work with a single group or department, or they may work with multiple groups and multiple departments.

Contributors work their own pace and schedule. There is nothing wrong with completing a single project, just to see how it goes. On the other hand, you could have a leap of faith, throw caution to the wind, and jump in with both feet. Completing projects full time, part time, some time, or even one time, are all acceptable ways of making a lot of money - or a little bit extra.

The exciting times, for most people, will come after our first stages of development, when the database is developed and our search engine runs smoothly. On the other hand, to those capable of website development, the most rewarding time to contribute should come a lot sooner.

Ways to Contribute

Below are the ways contributing members earn residuals.

Cash cow image. Milking your CashCow


Contributions that might earn residuals are the simplest way to contribute and can be nothing more than content individuals create for their own group(s). If you want your content treated as a contribution simply link it to the Contributions Group using the groups audience field.


Projects are more lengthy and involved than simple contributions, and can be large or small, completed by one individual, or a multiple group effort. All things considered, projects and contributions can be anything imaginable.

As discussed in How Revenue is Shared, UpgradeMyDream purchases projects and pays for them over a period of ten years. By accepting residuals, contributors agree to transfer their project rights once this time period expires.

Residuals are not paid for unused projects or those not generating revenue. Additionally, no one is paid for work not their own. However, if a contribution is not used today it does not mean it won't be tomorrow. Should a new member or opportunity present itself, archived projects, or struggling revenue streams, could suddenly become profitable for everyone involved, past, present, and future.

Recurring Projects

In many situations later projects would be impossible without those that come first. These first projects are called recurring projects, and they link all that come later. Recurring projects are used repeatedly and are especially valuable to the teams or individuals who create them.

Contributors Must Agree to the Following:

shaking hands image. We must be in agreement

First and foremost: You must agree to the UpgradeMyDream Bylaws and the Laws of Civilized Behavior. Besides agreeing to these laws, other areas of note are mentioned below.

There are no guarantees a project will be accepted, that it will run for any length of time, or that it will generate revenue. Popular articles, and web applications, can generate huge residual payments and followings. Articles and applications of no use do not generate anything.

Over time, projects are subject to being updated and replaced with work that is more relevant or useful. If a project is an updated version, residual payments will be less. If a project is discarded or stops generating revenue, residual payments cease altogether.

An area worth repeating deals with advertising. People will argue that ad revenue increases residuals. The counter to this argument is it is a balancing act determining how many ads are acceptable before users revolt. See: How Company Makes Money > Advertising. When it comes to who makes final decisions, sometimes it will be the group or department involved, sometimes it will be the community, and sometimes it will be Admin.