How Responsibility is Shared

If you hear it once you will hear it a thousand times, "We all depend on each other." This statement is not mere rhetoric parroted for effect without reason. It is an indisputable truth and reflects everything we stand for. Backed by those who support humanity and justice we unite for the cause to create the world of our dreams. By reaching for this goal, and working to improve human conditions, we dream the speed of our accomplishments will increase in magnitude.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money, and for those willing to work harder the rewards only multiply. If you believe this, and believe everyone deserves an equal chance, then join us. On the other hand, if you live to attack people who are different, or reject equal rights and human dignity, you are not welcome here. No more needs to be said.

When like minds agree on a future
The outcome is usually just average.
When opposing minds agree on a future
We witness the birth of a paradigm.

Scott Eaton

Our approach begins with simple and acceptable agreements between members. We don't claim to know how anyone will fair but there is something we do know. We know the inability to receive unity, fairness, or justice, can ruin anyone's day. We also know that by being connected we find ways to turn negative outcomes into positives. Finally, we may not know for certain, but we are pretty sure, our approach gives rise to the one dream we all share. The dream where enough of us get what we need out of life, and instead of possessing demons we possess the time, will, and patience, to finish building the bridges that finally lead to world peace.

First and foremost we obey Laws of Civilized Behavior. Other laws supporting humanity come in second. Laws against our core beliefs are discredited because these beliefs are non-negotiable. We do not criticize those obeying the laws of their country, but we do criticize those who campaign for laws taking precedence over ours.

Members addressing issues we feel strongly about are empowered because we stand behind them. Many of us will be loudmouthed free thinkers, but our cause unites us unequivocally. As a growing rabble rousing family, we agree to disagree and accept truths that cannot be changed. The truth is we are all different, and this is how it should be.

Safety and Security - Do not take it for granted.

Safety and security involves all of us, on and off the Internet. While many concerns are addressed with common sense and good practice, Murphy's Law loves to strike out of nowhere. UpgradeMyDream pledges to address these concerns, but members have their part to play as well. We will try to maintain relevant links to needed information and responsibilities, but for now, let's talk about computers, using the Internet, and protecting your friends.

Anyone using a computer, especially over the Internet, must constantly learn to avoid danger. Never stop educating yourself on this subject and know this: There are many things you do right now that are terribly dangerous. At the very least, this page should make you think about your habits.

  1. NEVER logon to a secure site using a public network or someone else's computer. Do this and you are asking for trouble.
  2. NEVER install a program without completely trusting the program and knowing what you are doing.
  3. Avoid opening email from people you don't know, and NEVER click on the links they provide.
  4. When spammers steal your mailing list, your friends receive spam repeatedly. By necessity they will be forced to block your email. In some cases their address are compromised further, forcing them to abandon their primary email account. Learn how to avoid this, or lose your friends.
  5. A virus does not just infect you. It can leave traces with whomever you touch. Friends don't infect friends with viruses!
  6. It is a fact. Virus protection programs are only 40% effective. Even more distressing, they get worse every day. While 40% is better than nothing, it makes it more important than ever to be safe on the Internet. Does this mean you may stop using protection? No, you may not.
  7. For additional information see: Internet Security Group.

While there are thousands of things we can do for each other, safety and security must top every list. We all have responsibilities, but watching the backs of fellow members is now being included. As we bear witness to past human failures we cannot help ignore how they grow like a cancer. Debates on solutions often end up grasping at straws, but some truths remains clear. Give us security, safety, and justice, peace invariably follows. Take that away..., people turn into monsters.

Company Responsibility

image of green security badge with the word 'security'

UpgradeMyDream claims responsibility for member accounts and pledges privacy, security, and safety is paramount. Default settings are "Private" and this will never change.

Members have full control over what they make public. This includes pieces of content, single or multiple listings, inventories, and more. Everything remains private until flagged with one of the following: Members only, Group Members only, Individual Members only, Trusted Contacts only, or General Public.

Another responsibility we take seriously is ensuring people are who they say they are. Special effort will be used to verify identification, and references will be required for many opportunities we offer. Initially, members are not required to provide much personal information, both for convenience sake and for time getting to know us. However, before transactions are made members must provide further information. How much information depends on the type of transaction. E.g., a standard sale or purchase requires less detail than someone financing a home or looking for a job.

Why such a fuss over identification? UpgradeMyDream breaks the mold in many areas, but the greatest area of contention might be our requirements for membership. Be that as it may, our networking relies on "trust and the internet," a phrase that today has become a new oxymoron. We realize most websites do not require identification until after money is exchanged and that is their right. It is our right to start a new trend. To stop giving a voice to the Wild West on the internet and demand only to hear from civilized society.

One argument for proper identification is lack of inhibitions and morals inherently present when anonymous. At its least destructive, anonymity is a powerful safety net. At its most destructive, it is a powerful aphrodisiac. This may be fine for some websites but we are not one of them.

Most people are unaware an overwhelming number of comments, submitted to websites, are randomly generated by spam robots. According to the Mollom Scorecard, "94% of all messages are spam." The reason the general public is not inundated with unwanted and dangerous material, is because major websites are forced to spend a lot of money or long hours deleting inappropriate material. These Herculean efforts are all that stand between a pleasant experience and being constantly assaulted. The easiest way to prevent these intrusions is to have members go through an identification process; such as what we are doing.

Member Responsibility

We all depend on each other. image of unisex figures holding hands in a circle

We will always take our responsibilities seriously, but we count on members to do their part as well. Most importantly: Follow the rules, be honorable, and report those who are not.

With security and fraud such a major concern, it is always comforting to deal with people who are known and trusted. Many people demand this reassurance, and those who don't should. With everyone's cooperation, the day will come when dealing with our members means you are NOT dealing with strangers.

UpgradeMyDream gives every human on this planet one, and only one, free lifetime membership. Anonymous users, or multiple accounts, will not be tolerated. To put this into perspective, WE ARE NOT A GAME. There can be painful consequences to your indiscretions because you will not be forgotten and you cannot start over with a new avatar. If you start a flame war you are on your own. Good behavior or bad, your reputation will follow you. If banned from this website there is no reset button, and applying under a bogus name has its own set of consequences.

As stated, anonymous members are not allowed. Those refusing to put their names behind the words they speak are usually people whose words have less meaning. Due to rampant misinformation, outright lies, and trolls lurking the Internet, we put everyone on notice. Trolls, spammers, and compulsive liars are banned from this website.

Ways of losing your membership include using an alias when signing up, not providing proper identification on request, or being discovered with multiple accounts. The safety of all members is our greatest concern, and members appreciate these efforts when they understand the reasons behind them.

By promoting member responsibilities, our requirements lead to a safer and friendlier environment. Proof of identification adds a level of security dangerously lacking on most websites. Also, by refusing to give a voice to those who only want to be inhuman, we prevent society's rejects from ruining our day. Finally, by filtering out useless chatter, we improve information accuracy and the time spent finding it.

Will demands on people and additional responsibilities limit membership? Certainly, and I count on it. What appears at first glance to be a negative is the final and most ambitious part of this plan.

Society's habits die hard, but this can be changed when circumstances demand it. Bad habits are broken through positive example, peer pressure, or a change in attitude. Our part is to provide all three, pretty much in that order.

Initially, we will be passed over by many who agree with our principles but find us too ambitious and didactic. As our success stories are told, many who rejected us firsthand will return for a second look. This will lead to more members, more stories told, more minds being changed, and a new groundswell of people clamoring to hear what we are about. In time, today's hate filled exclusionary tactics will be left with no support, no audience, and the final insult of vanishing from history.

Warning: Anyone abusing their privileges will be banned for no less than two years. Banned members may be readmitted, but that must be determined. This community can vote you out for a number of reasons so the best advice is to exhibit good behavior.

Never forget: Being a member is a privilege, it is not a right. We will not tolerate bad reputations reflecting our image or those of our members. We take seriously reports of those breaking our rules and ask members to understand the following. It is critically important to shun those rejecting humanity. It is equally as critical to embrace those who see the error of their ways, change their mindset, and through actions (not words), prove they are worthy to rejoin our society.