On computers and the internet, Titles are mandatory for classifying and searching content. The fields below, marked with a red asterisk(*), belong in what we call the CSV Title and are mandatory. With the correct sequence of fields we build the ultimate CSV Title, one that can be filtered and searched in ways never before possible.

The CSV Title starts by declaring it is looking to sell or to buy something. It then goes on with the important info at the begining, but the less important details relegated to the end. what it is, how much, etc.

"List" is selected by default. This allows you to plan your lists, keep up with your assets, and evolve your database for the day you need it. Ironically, you may choose to never select either "Buy" or "Sell".

Although rudimentary this section teaches a lot. From how to classify sections, to the fields we will need in the future.

Step 1: Choose the Section where you want your Listing to appear.

  1. Transportation
  2. Merchandise
  3. Job/Service

If you think of sections we missed, please comment below.