Our Dreams

dreaming of wealth image. Don't just dream about  wealth. Wake up and do something!

Many of us dream of achieving wealth quickly. While some dream of windfalls, such as winning the lottery, inheriting a long-lost relative's estate, or becoming famous celebrities, others have dreams that are more realistic.

A common dream is wealth will appear out of the blue someday in our lifetime. This dream is unfulfilled, again and again, as people find too late - dreams are no more than dreams for most people on earth.

Generations live their lives nursing unrealistic or unattainable goals set when they were younger. As many grow up, they are confronted with the harsh realities of a dog eat dog world, where dead end careers are the rule, and the demoralizing effects of being unheard, unappreciated, and underpaid have no end in sight. While there are certainly some among us with dreams that come true, too many mortals are fated to lose the "lottery of life" the day they were born.

In the end disappointments of unfulfilled dreams are compounded due to misguided priorities we place on wealth as the greatest measure of a person's success.

Imagine a world where dreams become real.

Where wealth is built fairly, using methods that are risk free, suitable for everyone, understandably obvious, and easy to implement.

  • Imagine a world,
  • Where careers are rewarding.
  • We help people prosper.
  • Work related tasks are effortless.
  • Residual profits run far into the future.
  • Now,
  • Imagine all this
  • While servicing parallel roles.
  • The pursuit of happiness and world peace
  • As our ultimate goals.
Scott Eaton

UpgradeMyDream is a new website dedicated to these concepts and more. Our first order of business is to assemble like-minded dreamers ready to build a better future and willing to create the bridges to get us there. All this will be done using methods we will go over in some detail.