Our Pursuit of Happiness

What is the meaning of life? Is it wealth? Is it the pursuit of happiness or helping others; or is it merely the search for a higher plane of existence?

We offer different approaches to these questions together. At the very least, by helping people find happiness, and wealth if they want it, the pursuit of happiness ceases to be a Kumbaya moment and becomes a real possibility.

The pursuit of happiness and world peace is our primary goal, the pursuit of wealth only secondary. While new recruits may wonder how these two go together the key lies in our different reasons for living. In the end, with defined objectives, foresight, and taking control of our lives, our unified dreams will evolve into a paragon we all can be proud of.

Benjamin Franklin -
"The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness.
You have to catch it yourself."
Benjamin Franklin image Benjamin Franklin

This website embraces everyone. We encourage diversity, new ideas, and those who say, "It can be done." By breaking from the past, we build bridges to the future. We will thrive from the experience of others and gain from ideas, business, connections, and other opportunities we could never achieve on our own. Along the way we will encounter more and more people, transcending all borders by uniting us in ways we never dreamed possible.

Be forewarned: The Laws of Civilized Behavior is what we live by. If you find this statement too didactic, you will not find a home here. My suggestion is to stop reading now and exit this website.

Aside from mandatory rules, there are also suggestions. The first one we offer is the phrase, "We all depend on each other." Those who don't believe this will find others passing them by.

UpgradeMyDream is dedicated to dreamers, movers, shakers, and those willing to make a difference.

If you are haunted by unfulfilled dreams, because no one gave you a chance, this website is designed to put an end to your misery. If you dream of what could be, instead of what is and what has been, our mission is to help bring that dream to reality. If you dream of ways to bring wealth, peace, or happiness to the world - you hit the jackpot! This website is for you, more than you could ever imagine.

Thomas Paine - from Common Sense, 10 January 1776,
"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
Thomas Paine image Thomas Paine

The dream of building a civilized world is certainly older than time, but some ideas keep getting better and better. While it does not happen often enough, when the time is right, long ignored aspects of humanity can reach a tipping point. The challenge is recognizing the right time and developing the strategy to exploit it.

Thoughts of a civilized world is something most of us dream of. However, the unshakable belief, "It will not happen in my lifetime," is why it remains so elusive. The pointed question to ask oneself, "Does this mean I stop trying?"

Most humans dream of a civilized world someday but when? My pursuit of happiness, and my reason for being, is to build something special that will help in this effort. I firmly believe if enough of us unite, and shun those who aren't civilized, humanity would be on the path to change one mind at a time; then another, and then another...

Now THAT would make me happy and that could be my legacy. In the final analysis - it is all that I ask for.