Our Road to Wealth

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We are all told working hard is the best way to gain riches. In fact imagination, work ethics, social skills, and areas where one specializes are just as important. More elusive are resources fewer of us possess: The right connections, the right idea, capital investment, and dumb luck.

UpgradeMyDream links people who lack these resources with those who have them in a greater abundance. Our plan is to develop an automated system using people's strengths in ways they could never be otherwise. With everyone in mind, we represent all walks of life, from the laziest couch potato to those working 24/7.

Our concept is simple

We start as a listing service while designing an advanced tracking system for buying, selling, or bartering anything of value. While the concept is simple, its implementation is an entirely different matter.

Let's be clear from the start: UpgradeMyDream pledges not to be a run-of-the-mill classified ad website, charging fees to list items employing any of the currently accepted search engines. We also pledge not be people who hide behind closed doors making as much as we can, as quickly as we can.

What makes us different...? Everything!

UpgradeMyDream hopes to offer life changing experiences in all areas imaginable. We will employ old and new ideas and those yet discovered. We will improve them, increase their occurrences, and tie them together to create the ultimate nexus. Choose the opportunities where you feel comfortable. Karma will handle the rest.

Our ways to make money

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UpgradeMyDream is on a mission that ensures the maximum amount of people make money. We do this because money spread around the world fairly will do more for world peace than anything.

Our database will in no way be limited to buying and selling. We will include everything of interest and the search methods we plan on will be second to none.

Members who run and build UpgradeMyDream will earn great rewards to do so. As each of us work on what we feel is important, we each determine when, where, and how to expand in the future.

The questions to ask: How many people see the potential we see, and how many will be willing to lend us a hand? More importantly, how many have dreams of creating a better future and the willingness to jump in with both feet?

Be forewarned: What is being attempted is too big for just a few people. A few dozen people could not handle it either. However, a few dozen could recruit the next dozens... For now, we leave the different possibilities to everyone's imagination.

We will not say our system and methods will allow you to become rich beyond your dreams. We will not say that because frankly, who knows how far a system that pays for world peace can take us. No one has used our methods before, certainly not on the scale and purpose proposed.

Having said all that, you can be sure of the following:

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  • The possibilities offered will be almost endless.
  • Our ways to build wealth - almost endless as well.
  • How people take advantage of this website is anyone's guess.
  • Some of us are willing to build part of the future.
  • The sooner we begin building wealth, peace, happiness, what have you, the sooner they grow, the more effective they become, and the greater our dividends pay in the end.

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