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It bears repeating: When it comes to revenue sharing, there are bound to be changes. Improvements will be called for once we gain in experience.

Another change could come from departments we offer. It is possible early opportunities may not be available later. Once enough people have started we may not be able to accommodate more. If this happens, those involved early will earn more revenue, more opportunities, more respect, and possibly, just maybe, the career of a lifetime.

Company Expenses

Below is a simple preliminary list of company expenses split between major and minor. Minor expenses are minimal expenses, or something planned for in the future. Expenses marked with a *(red asterisk) are required.


  1. *Internet server: We have a hosting service until we purchase our own server.
  2. *Security: Both internet and physical.
  3. *Office: Most work is done wherever an Internet connection is found. However, more offices can lead to greater productivity along with secure areas where assets are kept safe.
  4. *Legal: There may be legal expenses early. Once our Legal Department is in place it takes over these challenges.
  5. *Residuals paid to our contributors, but paying residuals is an honor and not an expense.


  1. *Data entry expenses for the company will be minimal. Members enter their own data or get others to do it for them. As different items get cataloged and listed, it becomes easier for something similar to be added the next time.
  2. *Credit checks will be required at times.
  3. Simple websites can be designed for members to start with.
  4. Companies we recommend need to be bonded, and we need a bonding department to handle these situations.
  5. Advertising our services can wait until our paths are more defined. Recruiting Members and SEO should be all we need to get started.
  6. Skype and other forms of telecommunications.

Revenue expected initially

image of Monopoly man with empty pockets.

During our initial stages of development, the revenue planned for is nothing. In a nutshell, revenue cannot begin before we open for business. It should come as no surprise. There can be no residual payments until there is revenue.

No doubt, the above statement is not what people want to hear. I agree this is a serious drawback and will keep most from contributing projects in the early stages. Be that as it may, this cannot be avoided. It is true we are far from what is imagined, but my dream has just started. In the meantime, I will work by myself if I have to and bring what I can closer to fruition.

Of course in my dream we live in a world where the effects of this website are already apparent. We depend on each other, money is plentiful, and hope springs eternal. In my dream children behave, the sun always shines, we do what we love, and life's struggles are nothing more than the pursuit of happiness and reaching a higher plane of existence.

Then I wake up and get slapped by reality. I return to a world where unhappiness is widespread, people have no one, money is scarce, and hope seems to be fading. In this world the sun shines on those who can afford it. Everyone else just gets rained on. With rampant mistrust, and the world in survival mode, my dream is easily mistaken as another joke to be laughed at and discarded. I am familiar with rolled eyes and expressed doubts when people ask, "Yeah? So - when does this happen?"

The answer, my friends, deals with hours and time. Parts of this website will get built; I will make sure of it. The most relevant question is which parts and when. Do I stand alone or will hope spring eternal? Even if my dream catches on exactly as planned, the obvious truth is there can be no illusions. This dream demands the best of us, whether we are soldiers or diplomats. It also demands the rest of our lifetimes.

My future is set. I bet everything I own on the belief humanity has reached its tipping point. United, we can end the dangerous and foolhardy assumptions others will build the world we want for our children. Alternatively, we can do what we have always done. Close our eyes, cover our ears, keep our mouths shut, and like the three monkeys hope for the best.

Those who feel they are not in a position to contribute in our first stages should reread Recruiting Members. Even if you think you do not know others who can help, you might get lucky with one or two recruits, or they could get lucky with theirs, and so on and so forth. When things really get going, you could be ahead of everyone else, recruitment wise, leading to a chain reaction of wonders that can only be imagined.

You can check our Stages of Development for a sense of where we are and when we will be ready for the career you dream about. Be sure to check back often. Once our Listing Service begins, everything should fall into place.

Those who wish to contribute projects should revisit the section Contributing Members. Be sure to submit your ideas before we vote on the UpgradeMyDream Bylaws.

image of roll of money

When does the money roll in?

UpgradeMyDream plans on revenue from all possible angles. Many have a much greater potential than advertising. These sources are touched upon throughout the Company Structure, but many details need to be worked out. On top of all this, more opportunities await us each time we branch into uncharted territory.

To focus on growing membership quickly, we touched upon how ad generating revenue will be limited (See: Advertising). For this reason, early projects may not see residuals until after this self-imposed rule has ended. Depending on how one looks at it, this could be a blessing or a curse.

Consider this scenario: If early projects earn revenue but residuals delayed until later, these projects receive more time for getting properly established. This time can be a bonus and make a world of difference in overall earning potential. In fact, holding back on residuals is a strategy contributors may want us to continue. A different twist allows contributors to hold off even longer. Don't wait too long though. Your project might begin to loose favor, just as long awaited residuals start to roll in. Hmmm..., decisions, decisions? When deciding how to use this extra time and whether it will be worth it - someone needs to start a group that will help in these efforts.

By concentrating on growth, and following the scenario above, we are all in a better position when we open for business. Therefore, if you were wondering about the rewards for early contributions, when push comes to shove, I hope I have shown how the wait will be worth it.


image of hammer and gavel

Arguments between departments, within departments, and between individual members must be expected. For those who agree, arbitration may be decided by Scott Eaton. It is with great hope this weighty burden will be taken from my shoulders, sooner rather than later, by a group of arbitrators trained and suited for this task.

The way to avoid most arbitrations is to have everything standardized and above board. Agreements between parties must be backed by contracts for each situation. If a contract does not exist, our legal department creates one. Getting the legal department involved in this area is a FREE SERVICE and there is no reason not to use it. There is also a better reason because this route benefits us all. When a new "transaction type" occurs, and for awhile this will be often, we draw up a contract with unambiguous language. In time, and with everyone's help, not only will our contracts be standardized, they will be at our fingertips, in all languages, and neatly filled in correctly with just the click of a button.

Will there be other ways of doing business, and other contracts we use? Maybe? However, now is the time to make the following perfectly clear.

This is my website. I Am the Sheriff!

Sheriff badge image

Since I like to sleep occasionally, I retain final decisions on what is appropriate for this website. I will not allow my dreams to be hijacked by the actions of those who believe the internet is their oyster or who disregard my standards of justice, fairness, and safety.

Let this be a warning: There will be people who denigrate me, this website, and all that we stand for. This truth comes with the territory, and I am well prepared for it. I have fought prejudice my whole life and am willing and ready to stand up to anyone opposing the morals this community lives by. Let there be no doubt. Fight me and you will lose. I pick my friends carefully so members incapable of civility will be offered few warnings. Disregard them and you will be run out of my town without a second thought.

image of Wild West gunfight

The Wild West

Some ideas members dream up are not going to be welcome. Others will produce a rush to be first as people try different angles, different solutions, and different meanings in the areas they become passionate about. I will remind everyone to be civil, but different outlooks are bound to cause friction. Be that as it may, we are too aware of how internet Wild West actions get out of hand, and we pledge to never allow them to take root on this website.

The list below helps when dealing with people and making new friends.

  1. Is your posting appropriate? Get a good night's sleep before publication. Never feel rushed and proofread everything. Finally, right before sending, proofread again. This single technique guarantees a more pleasant experience and fewer flame wars.
  2. Flame wars have no winners and those who are not involved did not sign up for it. The longer the war is fought the more is lost by both sides as both sides usually become more unreasonable. The best way around a flame war is usually to stay silent, but the right peacemaker can often end them outright. Still, if you are in one, first try to apologize - then remain silent. You might be excused if remaining silent is unconscionable, but expect your adversary to come right back at you.
  3. Not everyone is native to your language or culture. Embrace new experiences and do not dismiss them out of hand.
  4. Give people a break. Too often simple misunderstandings are mistaken as personal attacks.
  5. We all have bad days, frequently... Imagine a person's mother just died.
  6. We all say things we regret. When this happens - and it will - you need to apologize. Get it over with quickly before it festers and becomes harder to mend.
  7. Spreading false information is dangerous. Do some research before parroting the words of others.
  8. Be polite, be fair, be patient and try not to be a fool.
  9. Usually, all it takes is to be just a little more civil than the person you respond to.

As a final note: This website will certainly appear chaotic at first. Time and learned practice will balance chaos with order.