Recruiting Members

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The moment you sign up with UpgradeMyDream you become a recruiting agent and recruiting new members can be very profitable. If you ask are we a multi-level marketing system, the answer is no. If you ask, are we superior? You be the judge.

You will never be forced to sell useless junk, or pushed onto customers who are clearly not interested. You will never have to make cold calls for a company that gives you few customers, few options, no respect, and no chance that things will get better. You will never waste time on tasks that are unimaginative at best and morally objectionable at worst. I could go on, but I will stop at the best part. You will never be forced to sell or do anything because this is your dream and not someone else's. Follow it the way you see fit.

UpgradeMyDream demands nothing from you and makes no false promises in return. OK - we do demand civilized behavior, and a spark of humanity, but mostly, know this: You are still a valuable member even if you think you will fail. When things don't go right, after one or two dozen tries, this doesn't spell failure this means you are trying. In life, as long as you keep picking yourself up, adversity has a way of teaching a very important lesson: You will never savor the sweetness of success without having been served the bitter taste of failure.

In the long run, if you choose to recruit members whose enthusiasm allows you to profit, you get paid. If you choose not to you don't. This offer stands for all members, and like everything else, choose what you are comfortable with; even wait for things to get better.

To recruit someone, have them sign up with you as recruiter. Recruiting new members cannot be made simpler.

Be Advised: It is bad form not to name your recruiter. If someone recruits you, in any way, shape, or fashion, the least you can do is show some appreciation. New members who do not name a recruiter will have one assigned to them. Either way, once you name your recruiter you form your first teammate.

Agreement Between Recruit and Recruiter

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Each recruit pays a small portion of their earnings, (1-3% for 5 years) to the person who recruited them. There are a number of reasons for this rule and they complement each other.

  1. Instead of paying employment agencies to find qualified personnel, we reward members and get superior service.
  2. No one is better suited than members for explaining what we have to offer.
  3. Members have an incentive not to neglect their recruits.
  4. The larger our gene pool, the greater our achievements.
  5. As each member profits other members profit as well, strengthening our bonds further by focusing on two points: We all depend on each other, AND everyone deserves a little piece of the action.

UpgradeMyDream agrees members and businesses may list items for free. However, as you can see, members have no such agreement with their recruiter. In fact, the Agreement between Recruit and Recruiter states clearly the opposite. A recruit owes their recruiter a little piece of the action, regardless.

The solution that should work for everyone is as follows: Each month members may sell up to ~$1000 which is considered as personal property. Anything over this amount is listing for profit. When listing for profit recruiters get their fair cut. Anything less and they forgive what is due.

This simple rule allows a lot of items, personal or otherwise, to be sold without the expense of paying a recruiter. It also embraces listing for profit since recruiters only receive earnings after the $1000 limit. Mom and Pop stores are especially benefited. However, this rule only applies when buying or selling items. Any other monetary commitments cannot be avoided.

Note: Those who believe paying their recruiter is a bad thing are not seeing the big picture. You may be interested in earning a lot of money, but this opportunity is available because others gave it to you - literally. Without going into semantics, or what motivates each one of us, let us agree to watch each other's backs, treat people fairly, and snub those who just use people and then cast them aside. We are in this together but at the end of the day, if we can't live by our standards we stand for nothing at all.

The importance of recruiting

In our first stages of development, and possibly all stages thereafter, our most valuable recruits are web developers who help build this website. Nothing can happen until certain tasks are completed, and the sooner these are done the sooner new careers begin, profits increase, and opportunities..., let's just say they get greater and greater. Finally, in this dream it gets even better - the changes we experience will increase in magnitude.

Understandably you will be discouraged when learning many opportunities discussed are not ready immediately. Rather than asking for your patience, it is hoped you see the challenges we face and recognize recruiting new members addresses our greatest shortcomings. Lack of members is clearly a problem, so you could use this time to your benefit in the short run. Since recruiting new members is designed for profits in the long run, starting early, like everything else, could make all the difference.

To those who feel they are not in a position to contribute in our first stages: Even if you think you do not know others who can help, you might get lucky with one or two recruits, or they could get lucky with theirs, and so on and so forth. When things really get going you could be well ahead of everyone else, recruitment wise, leading to a chain reaction of wonders that can only be dreamed of.

The table below illustrates a simple scenario. It assumes you recruit ten people per year, each earning $10 per year. Earnings can come from residuals, commissions, sales, contract work, management, referrals, anything. (This does not include the selling of personal items in the scenario mentioned above.)

Note: In reality this is a horrible scenario. Those earning $10 a year are barely using our services, or we are failing them miserably. Either way, for this example, I will stick to the above figures. People are welcome to dispute me or provide more realistic illustrations.

Bear in mind: In five years the Agreement between Recruit and Recruiter ends. Because of this cut-off date, the fifth year in the table below reflects the highest earning potential for this scenario. It is also the last year you pay your recruiter the 3% you owe (the 3% figure you paid out are not shown in the table).

Note: The recruit you sign up today could be the one who makes your dreams possible tomorrow.

Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
10 recruits per year 10 10 10 10 10
Compounded recruits (10/yr) 10 100 1,100 11,100 111,100
Total recruits 10 110 1,110 11,110 111,110
Your recruit's total earnings $100 $1,100 $11,100 $111,100 $1,111,100
You receive (3%) $3 $33 $333 $3,333 $33,333

For doing very little, the above figures add up. However, we suspect there will be those who want to put in a greater effort. How much greater? Let's not kid ourselves. Success does not come easy and it does not come from hopes and dreams. All things considered, one of the biggest hurdles in life is often lack of motivation. Deal with it, or be doomed to a life of mediocrity.