Website Development

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Website development is needed before anything else. Let there be no doubt, web developers who join us have their work cut out for them. There will be many challenges ahead and even greater rewards.

The Web Development Department could be our most lucrative. Why? By serving everyone it will be ripe with recurring projects. It could also be the perfect setting to find the experience and motivation to become the best in the business.

Those helping develop this website share the revenue their projects generate using a system now up for discussion. Be sure to submit your ideas in How Revenue is Shared, before we reach our final agreement. Web developers, with or without experience, are welcome to join the Website Development Group or any of its subgroups. This is where we discuss things web related, along with the system we use and what we are planning.

Members are their own employer so they come and go as they please. While everyone is encouraged to work on the most pressing projects, there are no rules preventing anyone from working on projects of their own choosing. Members may work by themselves, with people already in place, or with a team of specialists brought in for a particular purpose.

Our Current Platform

At this time, Drupal 7 is used for communications, planning, and linking members to groups. When it comes to simple procedures and communication between members, WordPress may have been preferred as it is both simple and effective. (See: Drupal vs. WordPress)

Unfortunately, WordPress is lacking when it comes to roles and permissions. Roles and permissions deal with different security levels needed to grant members different access levels to our web server. In other words, they allow us to keep unauthorized members away from areas where they do not belong.

Drupal is very good at roles and permissions. It is also good at handling other areas we plan for. It remains to be seen if Drupal's complexities rule it out in the end.

Note: Unlike other departments, the Website Development Department focuses on work that serves everyone. Due to this level of importance, it sets the highest of standards. Writers, artists, many people get away with mistakes, but in web development this can lead to intolerance. Before a project is used, it must be complete, bug free, and rigorously tested. Anything less would be unprofessional, unappreciated, and highly dangerous.

Below is a list of computer languages and tools we use, and what we are considering.
People experienced in these fields are needed immediately.

  1. HTML and CSS: Our web pages will be designed around desktops, laptops, iPads, etc.
  2. Apache and MySQL: We use an Apache server running a MySQL database.
  3. PHP: PHP is our preferred language but other languages are used when the situation demands it.
  4. Drupal: Our current website uses Drupal 7. With only limited module compatibilities, Drupal 8 is nowhere near ready.
  5. Financial programming: We need to set up payments, schedules, transfers - the works. Financial experts and accountants are needed to ensure standard and proper procedures.
  6. Customization: Once our basic system is running, those with a plan can further customize their areas of interest.