Creating content

The easiest way to create content, and link it automatically to the group where it belongs, is to be on the group's home page.

To participate in a group you must first Join that group. No one creates content without joining. (You may Follow a group until ready to join.)

image of the Group Dashboard'

  1. After joining a group you will have a Group dashboard, in the left sidebar, at the top of the group's home page. (If you cannot find the dashboard you have not joined the group.)

    The Group dashboard makes it easy to create different content types. Clicking the correct button leads to the correct Create form, linking your content automatically to the group(s) where it belongs.

    To post to additional groups you have joined, go to the bottom of the Create form, and in the Groups audience field, you will find the current group placed there automatically. Add any additional group(s) you wish, separating each with a comma.

  2. Adding and linking content, when not on a group page is almost as easy. It just takes one additional step of manually linking to the correct Group in the Groups audience field. As already mentioned, this is done automatically if you start on the correct group page. Whichever method you choose, both are acceptable.