Follow and Unfollow Buttons

There is a popular saying for websites, "Content is king." Your Home page is designed with these words in mind. When you flag content, it gets presented, not just in ways that make sense but also in ways of your choosing.

When you follow something it shows up on your Home page. To follow groups, users, topics, or any piece of content, simply click the "Follow" button and the button will change to "Unfollow". Click the button again and it turns back to "Follow".

Following a group helps to decide if you wish to participate. However, to participate in a group you must first join/subscribe to that group. You may "join/subscribe" or "follow" as many groups as you like.

To reach the "Follow group" button you need to scroll up to the top of your screen. This is where you can Follow/Unfollow. You will also need to scroll back down to this summary when you are done.

Go ahead and follow the Help and Tutorials Group by clicking the "Follow group" button. Notice how "Follow group" changes to "Unfollow group".

Finally, when you are finished, don't forget to click this summary's title (or the "Read more" link) so you don't miss anything.

You can stop following any group by clicking the button again. Try this if you like, but be sure the button says "Unfollow group" when you are done. This is imperative if you want your Home page to display an Activity stream of all you are following.

You will also notice a "Follow Post" button at the bottom of this page. This button is used to follow individual pieces of content. Other Follow buttons that present themselves are "Follow topic" and "Follow member".

Now, if you are following the Help and Tutorials Group as instructed, return to your Home page and see what is different.

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