How Can I Start?

So you are eager to start but don’t know who to contact, what to do, or what is expected? You know you DO NOT have experience in web design, your dreams are just forming, and a department where you excel has yet to get started.

The first thing to do is sign up as a member. By becoming a member we can reach you with updates along with breaking news for when we open for business. Joining early also increases your chances of recruiting a VIP member, or becoming one yourself. Finally, joining early helps to avoid having others get credit for work that should have been yours. Sign up now, before the stampede begins.

If it has been a while since you read the UpgradeMyDream Manifesto, read it again with new insight. Pay special attention to the section on recruiting, (See: Recruiting Members). Also, realize the Company Structure continues to evolve. Your feedback in these areas alone could be invaluable.

While millions are going to be sold on our concept, most will be asking the obvious question. "Why should I believe in a dream, for a website that is clearly not ready?" The answer is simple, and most of us learned it as a child. Few things that are really worthwhile in life come easy, and to reach a primary goal preliminary steps need to be taken.  You can lay back and hope things come together or you can plan for your future. To get you started, some detailed suggestions for creating your future are listed below.

  1. Join a Group or start one of your own. You want to build contacts for what will come later. When it comes to collecting contacts, it is never too early or too late. Groups are an effective way to meet others with dreams and ideas similar to your own. Occasionally, one of these dreams could lead to a true revelation.
  2. Build a Community: By making contacts you begin to think about communities you could build or be associated with. However, do not expect web designers to know anything but web design. They will be clueless to details of what you are planning and will count on your help. From the fields and tables to be set up, to the custom made GUI, everything will be constantly evolving. They will need guidance today, tomorrow, and far into the future. 

    All this takes time, planning, discussions and coordination, from those who envision what is needed to those who will build what is described to them. Ultimately, the end users determine everything, but it goes without saying, "Members who think through their plans correctly, while communicating with the programming department regularly, will likely see quicker and more satisfying results for their efforts."

  3. Build a Company Department: If working in one of the Company Departments is more to your liking, realize what was said above in the “Build a Community” section goes double for Company Departments. While communities are what we want, and what this website dedicates itself to, they can never achieve the level of success envisioned without the Departments planned to support them.

The list above are just a few ways of starting on the road to your future. We will discover many others in time, but if you have to start somewhere it would be two things: Educate yourself and repeat daily,

"The day I stop learning is the day I start dying."

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