How do I start... New Member

You've just joined UpgradeMyDream - Now what?

That question will be on all new members' minds the instant they join.

First, for this site to grow, it needs participation, and one of our goals is to make participation easy. This document is an attempt to help direct you during your first steps.

Participate. Participate. Participate.

There are two general ways of participating in UpgradeMyDream's growth, and ultimately your own.

  1. Recruit members just like yourself. You can benefit from their efforts as well. Read How members make money to learn about the residuals you may receive from the entire heirarchy of your own recruits.

  2. Add content. This is what ultimately drives the site. Content is anything you type, edit, upload, and whatever else you can think of that will enrich the site.

Here are some of the simplest fist steps for first timers.

  • Explore the site (there's a lot to explore). Be sure to read the intro and other pages that tell of our goals. Take note of what is currently available (which is nowhere near our goals) and add constructive comments wherever you see a comment form (note: constructive).

    • Places of interest (listed in Main Menu at top of all pages):
      • Home: Stuff you're following shows up on your Home page.
      • Profile (click your name or My Account button): Account settings, emails and more.
      • Groups: All available groups. Follow your interests.
      • Events: Scheduled events are found here.
      • Help: Introduction and Help can be found here.
  • Follow groups, content or users that interest you. Groups, content or users you follow appear on your Home page, either in a list of Teasers down the center, or as a list in the sidebar.

  • Create a WishList (Public, Group or Private) A WishList allows UpgradeMyDream to know what is important to its members. If they are published (others can view them), wishes can be voted upon. When we are looking for ways to improve the site, and have no ideas of our own (yeah, right), we will turn to published WishLists for ideas. Group managers can turn to their group's WishLists.

  • Add Listings. This is where we expect to put every type of item immaginable (eventually), from physical objects, to services, to things we haven't even thought of. This section is for creating inventories, whether for sale or not. A click of a button will mark them for sale, which makes them immediately available to searches. If a listing type is not available, just let us know through the Request Listing Type form. Eventually, this too, will be more user friendly and accessible.
  • Discover/report issues. When something needs improving, or generally doesn't work as expected, let us know. It's easy. Just open an Issue, click a few options, and give a brief description (more is more helpful). Issues can be voted upon so we can gauge their importance to our members.

  • Add helpful documents. This type of content is written for the purpose of giving benefitial information to others... for whatever purpose. It can be tagged and categorized (and more) so it can be easily found by those who are looking for it.

Where each member goes from here is entirely up to them.

See "How do I start... Next steps" for possible next steps.