Joining a Group

Our previous lesson covered keeping up with content you follow. This lesson begins the instructions of creating your own.

Content you create can be one of several Group content types, so you must start with a group before you can create content. No content can be created without a group audience, but it helps to follow a group before joining. If no groups are suitable: Here are some tips for Creating a Group of your own.

In our previous lesson you were instructed to follow the "Help and Tutorials Group". To join/subscribe to a group is a similar process. However, even though the Follow and Join buttons work similarly their functions are quite different. It is important to remember: The Follow button only filters and sorts your intersts.  The Join/Subscribe button only allows you to participate.

If you are not following the Help and Tutorials Group, repeat the lesson Follow and Unfollow Buttons, or scroll to the top of your screen and click the "Follow group" button.

Next to "Follow group" there is "Subscribe to group". Click "Subscribe to group" and notice the button change to "Unsubscribe from group". If you want to leave the group, just click the button again.

If you have completed this lesson and the last one correctly, the two buttons now say "Unsubscribe from group" and "Unfollow group".

After subscribing to a group, your name, the name of the group, and the time you joined are recorded in the right sidebar's Activity stream. In the left sidebar, if you are on a group page a Group dashboard appears and on your Home page the newly joined group now appears in your "List of Groups".

Joining a public group cannot be made simpler. Joining a group that is private can be much more involved.

  • The Subscribe to group button is available only for groups.
  • The Follow button is available for groups, uses, topics, and most forms of content.

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