Welcome New Members

Our first tutorial welcomes new members and starts with the basics of using this website.

NOTE: Our goal is to make most areas self-explanatory. Until that time comes, the tutorials we offer are few in number, they are basic, and a far cry from what may be coming. It is hoped they are at least enough to get started.

As is common practice, hyperlinks are underlined. We also make them stand out with bold font. However, we have three different link types, each handled differently. On site links like UpgradeMyDream look normal, but links to our Glossary have dashed underlines and offsite links show up like this example with red font and double underlines.

When you finish a tutorial, you may be presented with a Next>> link at the bottom of the page. If a Next>> link exists, click on it. If it does not, return to the Tutorials Group, scroll down to the next summary, and follow the instructions.

We have already discussed how to navigate from summary to full content and back again. Let's see what you have learned. Go to this summary's full content, verify how it is different, and see if you can get back to HERE.

Remember: Click on the Welcome New Members title or the link below to Read more...

Content below this point is only shown on the full content page.

You have left the group content page, showing titles and summaries, and are now on a page of full content. This illustrates how summaries are simply part of the full content. Summaries can be a single sentence, a paragraph, a certain number of characters, or even something out of the ordinary; like the summaries we create for our tutorials.

In this lesson we begin talking about linking content to the group where it belongs. This is done using the Groups audience field, found at the bottom of most types of content (Scroll down a bit on this page to find it).

You could return to the Tutorials Group by clicking "Tutorials" in the Groups audience, but do not do that now. If you do, it will take you back to the TOP of the Tutorials Group. This lesson was to, "See if you can get back to HERE," and you would need to scroll down to get there in the group summary section. No big deal, but it is one extra step.

To complete your first lesson, use whatever method you wish to get back to the summary that says "See if you can get back to HERE." If you do everything correctly, scroll down to the next summary to learn What is a Group.

You can return to the summaries in Tutorials Group Content by clicking your browser's "back button". If you opened this window using an extra tab then closing this tab should work just as well.