What is a Group?

UpgradeMyDream is designed around groups. These groups link to other groups or branch into subgroups. Members can create groups to form a community or create an idividual group to be used more like Facebook. Finally members can create a private group only they can access. This last group remains private, and for now..., let's just say it is a place to store content not ready for publication; or content that may never be public. There is no easy way of describing our groups. Lets just say..., "Each can be noticeably different yet wonderfully familiar."

To meet people with similar interests join a group or subgroup. Groups can be private or public, local, national, or worldwide and if the right group can't be found create the one needed. The sky is the limit, when it comes to groups you can create. The sky is also the limit in the ways you can use them.

Just as websites are customized, our groups can be as well. A group of photographers need a place to download, exchange, organize, and market photo albums. A group of web designers need libraries to store and run code. Hobbyists can link to our Listings or Events sections, while accountants, scientists, medics, media... Well, you get the picture.

Groups are created by members, and those who create them have the role of Group manager (GM). GMs runs groups as they see fit, and their first decision may be determining if the group will be will be public or private. A Group manager has the power to assign roles and permissions to members who join their group; including the role of Group manager. Other roles they can assign may include assistants, moderators, editors, you name it, each with their own unique and special permissions.

Perhaps you are beginning to understand the power our groups provide. If you need further convincing create a group and decide.

Note: The Listing section and its subsections may also be groups and subgroups, customized specifically for transactions between members. Listings may also run on a subdomain, allowing maintenance on one domain without affecting the other.