When Can I Start?

As mentioned frequently, recruiting members and website development are needed immediately. Translators are needed so we can go international.

If you feel you have nothing to offer in our early stages of development, below are some reasons that could help change your mind.

  1. By reading this post, you are already forming opinions on paths to your future. If you have experience, start planning on what is needed to bring your dreams to reality. If you do not have experience – let's be honest. You need to get that experience and educate yourself further. Whether you are experienced or not, you need a plan and you need to sacrifice long hours for it to come to fuition. Whichever road you travel, friends may be found by joining one or more groups. Of course your dream needs a group of its own, so start that one as well.
  2. Reread How Members Make Money > Recruit Someone and Recruiting Members. Remember, the recruit you sign up today could be the one who makes your career possible tomorrow. It would be a shame to lose out on this potential revenue source.
  3. By the time you read this post the question, “When Can I Start?” will be relative to what you can do and our stage of development. In our early stages, all contributions have extra time to position themselves before our "Grand Opening" (See: Predictions > Revenue expected initially).
  4. The answer most people seek could be, “What's my work worth?” This answer, among others, must wait for further discussions, formulas, and final agreements. Your involvement in these projects would be a great help so please join the UpgradeMyDream Documents Group. Once these tasks are complete we will all have our answers.

How soon you become involved, the level of your involvement, and the specialties you possess, are the greatest factors to when a department opens and what you will get out of it. Naturally, if you are reading this page a month after we open for business, the opportunities will be different than a year or two from now. Whatever you decide, witness our evolution by checking back with us often.

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