Your Home page

Clicking on Home, in the Main menu, takes you to your customized Home page. Once you join groups, or follow members and content, your Home page will appear different from the first time you saw it.

Your Home page will have an Activity stream, on the right hand side, showing activity from groups you have joined. If you have only joined the Help and Tutorials Group your Activity stream will be rather limited. As you join more groups, and follow members and content, your Home page could become overwhelming. You will need help filtering and organizing your Home page, and we supply tools to do this.

Once you are familiar with this website, and after joining other groups, you will no longer want to be a member of the Help and Tutorials Group. By clicking Leave group you keep extra clutter out of your Home page. Alternatively, you can remain a member of the Help and Tutorials Group, and help turn it into a template that other groups can start with.

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