world peace

The absence of war would be a good start.

About Us

dreaming of wealth image. Man in bed dreaming of dollar sign.

This website is the result of my never ending search for the meaning of life. The answer appeared in a dream and ironically, dreams are now my reality. With that being said these dreams are just taking shape so welcome aboard, but please try to be patient.

Our Road to Wealth

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We are all told working hard is the best way to gain riches. In fact imagination, work ethics, social skills, and areas where one specializes are just as important. More elusive are resources fewer of us possess: The right connections, the right idea, capital investment, and dumb luck.

Our Dreams

dreaming of wealth image. Don't just dream about  wealth. Wake up and do something!

Many of us dream of achieving wealth quickly. While some dream of windfalls, such as winning the lottery, inheriting a long-lost relative's estate, or becoming famous celebrities, others have dreams that are more realistic.

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