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Tips on Internet Security

  1. NEVER logon to a secure site using a public network or someone else's computer. Do this and you are asking for trouble.
  2. NEVER install a program without completely trusting the program and knowing what you are doing.
  3. Avoid opening email from people you don't know, and NEVER click on the links they provide.
  4. When spammers steal your mailing list, your friends receive spam repeatedly. By necessity they will be forced to block your email. In some cases their address are compromised further, forcing them to abandon their primary email account. Learn how to avoid this, or lose your friends.
  5. A virus does not just infect you. It can leave traces with whomever you touch. Friends don't infect friends with viruses!
  6. It is a fact. Virus protection programs are only 40% effective. Even more distressing, they get worse every day. While 40% is better than nothing, it makes it more important than ever to be safe on the Internet. Does this mean you may stop using protection? No, you may not.
  7. For additional information see: Internet Security Group.